About B ~ The Blonde B

About B

My name is Charlotte. A Spanglish adventurer who loves food, cooking and travelling.

I was born in Málaga, Spain, but my parents are British. Not only that, one is Welsh and one is English. So can you see I'm a little confused about where I'm from?

I'm a bit of a photography fanatic and needed a creative outlet to store all of my weird and beautiful photos, so I started blogging.

I have since become a little bit addicted to blogging.

I hope you enjoy reading my virtual diary as much as I love writing it and filling all these pages with my stories. 

I moved over to Britain in late 2014 and I'm trying to bring as much Spanish into my British life as possible, so please feel free to leave me a comment or things to do in Britain as I would love to hear what you think or if you would like any information about life in Spain, I would love to help!

But as Mama B says: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!

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