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8 December 2016

Secret Exercising: Trampolining

I have discovered a hell of a new work-out which doesn't feel like a work out at all!

Because we all know how much I love exercise that is fun and completely distracts you from the fact you are working out.

This will get you all sweaty, your blood will be pumping and you will be left in a heap of laughter. And that's after the first ten minutes!

Looking for something different to do whilst up in Leeds, I discovered  Oxygen Freejumping Leeds and intrigued, I booked it with Eloise.

Located 10 minutes from Leeds city centre (take the bus from the centre, the stop is right outside the warehouse!) it was the perfect weekend activity.

Little did I know it was going to be a full-body work-out!

Not least because I tried very hard not to be showed up by all of the 6 year olds and I had to keep up with Eloise aka miss junior trampoline queen.

Who even after more than 10 years, has still got it!

You get a full hour to run, jump, leap and chase each other with huge grins on your face.

Ellesse 2-in-1 vest (almost 50% off now!)

Wearing my Ellesse lycra from JD sports, I felt free as a bird!

And if you get bored of chasing each other or out-jumping the 6 year old's, they have bouncing games to really challenge you.

The best hour of exercise I have had in a long time!

They even had trampoline basketball which we didn't get to try. Oh well, that means we must go back. 

We went to Oxygen Freejumping Leeds but they have centers all over the country, find your nearest one here and jump in to some fun!


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