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19 December 2016

Mottisfont Abbey

A good Winter boot is hard to come by.

Especially when my shoe collection is as fickle as the weather.

But I seem to have found a style that suits me and what's more keeps me warm and cosy.

I'm obsessed with over the knee boots. I have a pair in all different colours and a combination of flat or heels, but I must say I prefer heels.

How does the saying go? I am never fully dressed without a smile my heels? And today I wasn't either.

It was one of those not too frosty mornings and we really didn't have much going on but still I was in the mood to dress up in my over the knee boots,

We drove around aimlessly through the countryside until we just so happened to come across Mottisfont Abbey in Hampshire.

Well, we couldn't really miss it...

Mottisfont's last owner was Maud Russell, a 1930's high society socialite, art lover and extravagant part thrower. 

The house is exquisitely decorated and you could tell her parties would have been glamorous, over the top and oh so fabulous. 

And you can be guaranteed Maud Rusell would be wearing a pair of over the knee boots too. 

I could feel the good vibes inside the house. 

But oh if these walls could talk....

We stepped in to a time machine, being transported back to the 1930's to the luxuries of high society. 

Imagine growing up here. 

I was mesmerised, entranced in the moment. I adore stepping back in time, it was like walking in ona  film set of Downton Abbey, except with more drama. 

There was a perfect contrast between the beautiful restored and the shockingly modern sections of the house. 

Due to Maud's love of art, the upstairs part of the house had been turned into a modern day art gallery showcasing the very best of local talent. 

Everything about this estate was beautiful and I felt envious of all those growing up in the fantastic 1930's. 

Can you spot me?

So how about you? What are your favourite Winter staple pieces? And what did you get up to this weekend?


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