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12 October 2016

Secret Exercising: Yoga

One thing you should know about me is I really hate working out.

I hate the gym, the thought of going for a run is the worst thing I could imagine and boot camp is just a big no no.

However, I am not opposed to a good sweat. I like the naughty things in life and it's all about balance.

If I am going to eat chips with my meal or have ice cream for dessert I just need to make sure that I walk a few extra steps the next day, or take the stairs a few more times or have a dance party in my knickers whilst doing the house cleaning.

I enjoy exercising but I like when it doesn't feel like exercising. I'm like a child eating vegetables, when your mother blitzes all of the veggies into the bolognaise sauce so as to make you sneak in your five a day. (FYI, I was never like this, this was mainly for my brother. I adore vegetables).

Send me on a dance class, Zumba or Aqua aerobics any day, but never ask me to go "work out in the gym" or "shall we go for a run this morning?" Because the answer almost certainly will be no.

And I'm okay with that!

Exercising that doesn't feel like exercising. That is fun and energetic and takes your mind off what it is you are actually doing to your body. That's my kind of exercise.

You may remember this is a tactic I have used on my chap when I took him walking up Runyon Canyon. He is ten times worse than me and more often than not I am finding new ways to trick him into exercising.

My newest secret exercising is Yoga.

With our new pug-sonal trainer (or she likes to think so).

Yoga does wonders for your body and mind. It releases tension by stretching out your muscles and tones them with deep controlled breathing and a few peculiar poses.

I got into Yoga a couple of years ago when I was studying for my masters and I was a complete anti-Yogi after my first class.

"There is no way this is good for you, half the time you are breathing on the floor with your eyes closed trying not to fall asleep" 

After a few months, you really start to see the results. I was more toned all over my body, my posture and stance were more up-right, I could touch the floor without bending my knees (something I hadn't done since my dancing years prior to university) and whats more, I felt more relaxed and happy.

Yoga is so gentle, so calming, so peaceful. 

It's about working to your own body's capabilities and strengths. Pushing yourself without having a personal trainer or boot camp master shouting in your ear.


And the health benefits are endless:

Improves flexibility, which releases tension in your muscles surrounding your joints allowing them to work better.

Tones muscles all over your body by lifting your own body weight in certain positions.

Perfects your posture by encouraging you to stand up tall at the same time strengthening your back muscles and protecting the spine. Practicing your back bends and forward bends also lubricates the spinal disks keeping your disks supple.

It betters your bone health and prevents cartilage and joint breakdown. As you fully exercise the entire range of movement allowed by your joints, releasing nutrients into the bones and keeping them from wearing down.

It increases your heart rate, blood flow and lowers your blood pressure. Your different poses allows the flow of blood to reach all parts of your body. This is great for increasing circulation and reducing the risk of heart attack.

Drains your lymph system and boosts your immune system. When you stretch everything out it allows all of the good nutrients get to all those nooks and crannys in between joints and muscles, fortifying them and helping fight infection.

Helps you focus. For a whole hour you are taught to be present in the moment, focus on your breathing and your body. Forget about your stresses of work, family and relationships.

It teaches you how to breather properly to get the most Oxygen into your lungs which then, through blood flow, can get to all parts of your body and heals you.

Relaxes your mind, body and soul which helps you sleep deeper and de-stresses you in your day to day life.

You also get to wear uber comfortable Yoga wear.

This set is from Ellesse's new collection at JD Sports Women and I have never felt material more breathable, silky and stretchable. It holds everything in which reminds me to keep my tummy muscles squeezed in and my back straight.

Shop their latest collection here (I'm obsessed).

I've even got my chap involved and he's loving it! Hoorah for my Secret Exercising!

Lii Lii on the other hand, not so much of a fan...

We took her out for a long Sunday morning stroll and tagged in some Yoga stretches at the end of it, but she didn't like the idea of the attention not being on her.

Always a princess. Always a drama queen.

In a world full of technology, long hours working, sitting at your desk, commuting to work and all of the stresses that come with it a couple hours of Yoga a week does wonders to your soul.  

Even starting your mornings with a few Yoga stretches will do wonders to your day.

I prefer my classes later in the evening as I come out feeling so relaxed and ready for a good night's sleep. 

If, like me, you don't enjoy running or working out in the gym, then I am telling you it's ok. It's okay not to want to run a 10K, a half a marathon or do tough mudder. It's okay not to want to be an iron man, go to boot camp at 6am or do the London marathon.

There are tons of different activities and sports to try that keep you fit without you realizing.

Being healthy is all about balance. Make small  changes to your daily routine. Take the stairs instead of the escalator, go for a walk  on your lunch break, organise a scenic hike this weekend, take a dance class, take up a new sport you've never tried (I did rowing at university and I loved it), go for a bike ride around your city or sign up to Yoga!

Lastly, combine it with a healthy lifestyle and drinks lots of water (at least 2L a day I aim for). I am careful here not to use the word "diet", because diet implies that it is short-term and being healthy should be a change in attitude. We all know you can't survive on cheeseburgers, pizza and ice cream without getting fat, so eat healthy 80% of the time and allow yourself some indulgence 20% of the time.

Soon you will notice your jeans feel looser, your skin looks healthier, your hair will gleam, you will smile more and feel better all-round.

Do you have any secret exercises you think I should check out?


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