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30 October 2016

Gin & Tonic with Hollie's Lollies

Do you like Gin?

Then come and join our Gin and Tonic party!

Last weekend I was in Leeds visiting one of my oldest friends, Eloise.

I arrived back from Spain, was straight back into work and before I could blink it was already the weekend and I was back on a flight on my way to yet another airport.

I was full on ready for a girly weekend of endless chats & gossip, brunch and shopping.

And what girly weekend doesn't include cocktails?

Like none of them.

Gordon's have launched a new Elderflower Gin and I was brimming with excitement about trying it. As you may have noticed I am a little bit partial to a good G & T.

Hollie's Lollies must have heard about my Gin-session and girly weekend. I received these Gin & Elderflower sweets and lollies {made with REAL gin} just in time for Leeds.

To have a Hollie's Lollies Gin party you need:

1 parts Gordon's Elderflower Gin & Tonic

3 parts Gin & Elderflower Humbugs and lollies 

A friend/s to share it with!

Grab an Elderflower Gin & T and compliment with an Elderflower Gin sweet. 

They make for an incredible combination. 

Too good to resist.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, they hit the spot.

And make you go all giggly like a little girl. 

Or a big one...

Great to compliment any pre-dinner drinks or something sweet for afterwards or even long car journeys and flights, as none of us like our ears popping.

Or the cutest addition to your baby shower or party.

Order yours here now.

Get an exclusive 20% off using the code TheBlondeBGin

*Offer valid until 31st October*


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