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23 October 2016

Casamono, Marbella

In life we have friends. And we have friends.

Friends who you are close to you throughout one period in your life.

Then you have friends who you have known your whole life (or seemingly) and you couldn't really imagine life without them. 

I can't exactly tell you the first time I ever met Jessica but I know we have been friends ever since.

For being such great friends, we are pretty appalling at timing. Not only does a country separate us but we have different bank holidays, vacations and we almost certainly exchange countries at Christmas: she spends Christmas in the UK, I come back to Spain. 

Whenever I come home, she is the first person I text but I am usually met with "Oh no, I'm away that weekend" or " Ah I am out of the country!".

So when I flew home to Spain for work (I will tell you more about this later) I sent my usual text and, of course, Jess had a wedding abroad.

"But I could do dinner on Monday?" came another one.

I was in shock. We were both going to be in the same place, at the same time and have an entire evening uninterrupted. 

I booked us a table a Casamono in Marbella. 

I got my hair did, threw on a frock, some heels and I was on my way with a spring in my step. The only excitement you can get from looking forward to going to see your bestie and download everything life has had to throw at you for the last 7 months.  

Mustard Yellow Dress (£14 in the sale!)

Taupe Heels (£3 bargain from Primark, but similar ones here)

When I say Casamono is hidden away, I mean it is seriously hidden away in plain site in Marbella.

The area of Plaza del Mar in Marbella used to be a popular hang out spot for us in our younger years but it also has some of the nicest restaurants tucked away into neat cosy terraces along its streets.

Secluded in your own private terrace, we sat outside enjoying the warm October air (yes, this is October in Malaga).

I had booked the table for 8pm, upon Jess' request. Who had asked I book a table "a la hora inglesa" which means book a table at an English hour, which meant book it early.

We were sat there till 11:30pm so thank goodness we didn't get there are 10! Booking at table at 8 in Spain is funny, because restaurants only just begin to open at 8pm and usually you can't expect anyone in properly until 9-10pm. But it was a school night and we both had work in the morning!

We couldn't decide what to have so we asked the waiters to surprise us with a cocktail and that is indeed what they did.

The waiters were charming and oh so very attentive.

They had brought us a refreshing mix of pineapple, lemon and I think about every alcoholic spirit under the sun, or so the waiter seemed to list off when explaining to us what was in the cocktail.

The original creation was delicious no matter what it was.

And it set a precedent of what was to come.

To nibble on, we had some bread olive oil and some of the most delicious salchichón (the spotty ham on the left) and lomo (from pork loin).

We took our time enjoying our cocktails and chatting. We had to ask the waiter to come back at least 3 times to take our order as we hadn't even had a chance to look at the menu properly yet!

Jess had just come back from a family trip to Colombia, where she is originally from and all I could think about was Narcos. We reeled with laughter at the thought of her family being ex-drug loards and hiding a ton of cash in a field somewhere (which they were most certainly not involved in).

But is crazy to think what went down in Colombia during the times of Escobar.

The country is still pretty shocking, Jess was telling me and still affected by what happened only a few years ago.

Dusty blue polka dot shirt from Zara (similar here and here)

Leather skirt (similar here)

We had just about managed to order when our food showed up.

To start we shared the "Almejas Indias" off the specials menu, which means Indian Mussels.

These were mini mussels served in a rich creamy sauce infused with Indian and curry spices, topped with almonds, tomatoes and baked in the oven.

To say they were good is an understatement. They were bloody delicious! I had to stop myself from mopping up my bread in the sauce because, alas, this was on the beginning.

Served with a refreshing Sauvingnon Blanc.

Mains were out of this world.

Fillet beef or Solomillo de Buey for Jess, served with creamy wilted spinach.

She couldn't decide which sauce to order, so the waiters brought all three, naturally.

Bernaise, Pepper and some delicious sweet and spicy sauce which we never quite got the name of.

I opted for the red tuna tataki (served hot).

And Jess' chips which I had a duty to try with each sauce, just to make sure they were good enough for her!

I can not resits ordering fish when I come home. Living only a few meters from the sea, you can practically smell the Mediterranean, how could I not?

The tuna was just exquisite. Like I can't even explain to you how good this dish was. 

Tataki is a Japanese method of cooking fish. There are two methods, but this hot tuna tataki was seared in the pan for a few seconds and then marinated with soy sauce, vinegar, ginger and a whole mixture of other combinations. It is supposed to be pink in the middle. 

It is not your classic Spanish fish dish, but a nice twist. The tuna was fresh and excellently complemented by the pickled vegetables and tomato garnish. 

By dessert, we were full.

But somehow the charming waiters managed to twist our arms and soon we ended up with this in front of us.

Crêpes "Comédie Française" also known as crepes a l'orange, Jessi ordered. With the softest vanilla ice cream you have ever tasted.

The chocolate fondant for me. Served with a refreshing strawberry sorbet which complemented the dark chocolate perfectly.

Supple, smooth and deliciously-smelling.

But wait for it....

Wait for it...

Gooey and chocolate-y and hot and all sorts of amazingness in the middle!

We toasted the evening with a drink on the house.

A classic amaretto {always} and Baileys before heading our separate ways.

We really don't know when the next time we are going to see each other is, which really is an awful thought. We will have to start planning dinner dates over Facetime at this rate!

Casamono is more than a restaurant. It is an experience, a delight to the taste buds and a true haven in the heart of Marbella.

Next time you are in Marbella or on the coast and fancy an extra special night, book your table right here. Tell them you saw the recommendation on the Blonde B and don't forget to ask for a surprise cocktail!


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