October 2016 ~ The Blonde B

30 October 2016

Gin & Tonic with Hollie's Lollies

Do you like Gin?

Then come and join our Gin and Tonic party!

27 October 2016

The Slutty Pumpkin

There are two type of girls on Halloween.

The ones that dress up scary (i.e: witch, ghost, zombie) or the ones that dress up as anything and just add "slutty" to the beginning of it (i.e: slutty Snow White, slutty cat, slutty nurse, slutty... well you get the idea!).

This year I'm opting for the slutty pumpkin.

25 October 2016

World SBK, Milwaukee BMW

The real reason I was in Spain was because I was working.

23 October 2016

Casamono, Marbella

In life we have friends. And we have friends.

12 October 2016

Secret Exercising: Yoga

One thing you should know about me is I really hate working out.

8 October 2016

Glasses On Spec

One thing that I have been asked most frequently is "what actually is blogging?"