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6 September 2016

The Sun Inn, Dummer

It amazes me in this country how you can go from a busy city center to relative desolate country-side with the turn of a corner. 


If you're not careful, very easily you could find yourself in the middle of a field.

Watching the sun set over the English countryside.

We chanced across it one Friday evening on our way to Dummer. 

Fields stretched as far as our eyes could reach bathed in the last of the Summer's glow.

We found it very hard to believe this was only 20 minutes from home.

For once, we were early for our reservation and we both agreed this was a much nicer wheat-ing area. 

I could have stayed here all evening watching the sky turn darker shades of blue littered with the twinkle of stars snuggled under a rug.

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But alas, the Sun Inn were expecting us and I'd heard far too many good things to stand them up!

The Sun Inn stands proud along the A30 road up into Basingstoke. It's bright yellow, you really can't miss it.

Disguised as a country pub, you would never know the wonders held inside.

Looking to enrich our taste buds this evening and try something out of the ordinary, we ordered the 6 course taster menu.

Every dish at the Sun Inn has been carefully crafted to enrich your taste buds.

Starting with the bread and the home-made butter.

Warm fluffy rolls that were unlike any bread I have tasted before. Then I wondered whether the wheat fields had supplied the flour that went into making these doughy beauties.

To start Chard Goats Cheese, Red Onion & Garlic.

I am a big fan of Goat's cheese, so this delight went down a treat and most certainly set a precedent for the rest of the evening.

Whilst waiting for our 2nd course, I tried really really hard to resist this bread.

I know how taster menus go, they seem like small plates but they fill you up surprisingly quickly.

But this bread...

Just. Can't. Resist.

Girolle Mushrooms on Dark Rye Bread Served with Truffle, Blue Cheese & Garlic Foam

One of the most beautiful dishes.

A sight to the eyes and the taste buds.

You can taste the love & passion that goes into these dishes.

Every single part of the dish has been carefully crafted by the chef just for you. 

Making you feel special and warm inside. 

Pan Fried Mackerel served with Celeriac, Beetroot, Fennel & Giant Coucous.

My plan of taking each course slowly wasn't quite going to plan. Every mouthful implored me to eat more as each bite opened up a new flavour, a new spice and new uhhh.

Then the main event arrived and by this point I was positively stuffed.

Oven Roasted Lamb Loin served with Potato Croquette, Pea Puree, Roasted Baby Carrots, Broad Beans & a Lamb Jus.

The lamb was cooked to perfection and not an ounce of fat in sight.

What part of the lamb they used I do not know but it was the best slices of lamb I have ever tasted (and I really really love lamb!).

I have to take a moment to appreciate the giant potato croquettes. Fluffy and creamy inside, crispy on the outside.

My only regret was that I couldn't eat the both of you.

4 courses down. 

2 to go. 

I need to remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Relax, enjoy it Charlotte. 

Cucumber Granita & Strawberry pallet cleanser.

Refreshing, sweet and oh so good.

Lemon Posset served with Lavender & Raspberry.

Which looked more like an art piece than a dessert.

I have never tried lavender before. Not in food, that is. I was slightly worried it would taste like perfume but boy was I wrong. 

It has the most delicate flavour which pairs exquisitely with lemon and raspberry drops. 

It was the perfect ending.

He had ice cream.

Not a fan of lemon, raspberry or lavender for that matter, the chef was kind enough to provide him with chocolate, vanilla & honeycomb ice cream.

Everything was an absolute delight.

As you can probably tell...

The chef and landlord is Gordon Stott, a most remarkably young man. He bought the pub at the age of 20 (he is now 25). He trained under some of the greats, including Gordon Ramsay and he hasn't had a day off in 6 years!

We were lucky enough to meet him and we couldn't thank him enough for such a wonderful evening of awakening our senses.

We topped it all off with more (hot) chocolate and homemade truffles

These home made truffles are like a little slice of heaven. If chef Gordon sold these I would be the whole shelf full and give them to all my friends. 

If you are looking for fine dining, without the fine price tag then the Sun Inn is for you. They also serve "normal" pub food if your other half or member in your dining party doesn't fancy awakening their senses.

The pub grub looked and smelled delicious as it whiffed passed us. We will most certainly come back to try the a la carte menu. I had my eyes on some ribs.

I would check the menu out before you go. Chef Gordon says he constantly changes dishes on the menu depending on his mood (if he gets bored) or flavours that are in season.

You will constantly be surprised at the Sun Inn and with a menu that changes so quickly you can keep coming back and back and back to try out more.


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