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5 September 2016

Sunday in the New Forest

Newton Farmhouse was a great 2nd B&B choice.

The beds were comfy, the linens smelt fresh and I had an excellent night's sleep.

Not least, because they have flowers bigger than me!

But that's not hard...

I am only a midget (family pet name).

I do stand on my tippy toes quite often in photos to give the impression I'm a little bit taller. But who doesn't?

But right now, not even a pair of heels would help me. 

There are benefits to being small. 

Never hitting your head on a doorway, passing as a child on the kiddie's rides and I can wear heels like all the time and never have the problem of being taller than you. 

 We were feeling surprisingly perky this morning, considering last night was the wedding. 

Might have something to do with the delicious breakfast we had served to us.

But no baked beans. They simply said no, we don't do them. Just like that as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

I was aghast. Who doesn't serve baked beans with their breakfast in England?

It's almost as if someone in the B&B had a vendetta against baked beans and all the staff were acting so normal as it if were perfectly fine to live in a world without baked beans.

Check out was at 11 but we weren't ready to go home yet.

The weather was breezy and a grey so we drove around in the countryside for a while until we happened upon the New Forest.

A walk in the New Forest is exactly what I could do with this Sunday afternoon, especially as I was starting to feel a little worse for wear.

When we got there we searched for the animals, who seemed to be hiding.
The New Forest promises wild horses, cows, donkeys.

It's one of the few places in the world were wild animals roam free, not locked up in fields or restrained by barriers. If they want to walk across the road, they can walk across the road.

That's why motorists have to take extra care when driving through here.

The only thing that separates them from the outside world are the cattle grids at the edge of the forest.

You can even live in the New Forest. Imagine that? Having wild horses and cows as your "backyard" animals.

We chanced upon a new friend.

Who, up close, I realised shares the same name as me.


But he didn't want to be my friend.

I seem to be having that effect on all animals this weekend.

I'm not an animal whisperer like this guy...

I was feeling completely rejected.

But I soon found another friend, horses aren't picky.

You can pet the animals here, but never try to ride them. They are still wild, after all which made me a little nervous.

I think they could sense my nerves. I should've stuffed some carrots up my sleeves, unfortunately, these were also not on offer at breakfast.

Ripped jeans from Topshop - Similar here

Dusty Pink Shirt H&M - Similar Here / Similar Here

Stripey espadrilles from Spanish market - Similar Here

WWe moved on to cows...

Which I must say I was slightly frightened of. Which also reminds me of that time Lucy, Fi and myself went running in a filed of cows in the middle of the night in Scotland one Summer.

Yeah, that was a great night. That's how the reckless of Durham live (apparently)!

I stayed well away.

Aren't cows dangerous?

I mean, look at that angry face....

Not even Mr animal whisper daren't get a selfie.

Although, I'll give him points for trying...

I love the New Forest, it's the perfect way to escape the city and get some proper animal interaction. Not locked up in cages at the zoo.

England's version of an African safari!

Have you been to the New Forest?

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