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2 September 2016

A Wedding in Downton Part II

So as I mentioned in a Wedding in Downton Part I we had to move B&B...

We packed up our things and headed down the road to Newton B&B where David and Lizzie greeted us excitedly along with their 3 pooches. 

Newton Farmhouse had a slightly more refined feel about it and they had llamas. 

Did I mention they had llamas?

After check-in in and dumping our stuff we headed straight to the llamas. 

Who were actually even less interested than the donkeys.

Baby blue Bow Top from the market in Spain. Similar here

Navy Blue Espadrilles from the market in Spain. Similar here.

After driving around Whiteparish like blue ass flies trying to find a men's fashion store (as Tom had forgotten his tie) and briefly seeing everyone for lunch it was time to get ready for the wedding!

We were running late, as per usual and ALMOST forgot the wedding presents. 

Downton Baptist Church was nice and full by the time we turned up. We greeted a blushed Hal who seemed calm and excited and we rushed to find some seats with guests we vaguely knew. 

I was so nervous for him. It's one of my first close friends to get married and I had butterflies in my stomach for him, and for her. It was crazy and bizarre that now, after 6 years of being together Hal & Josephine were finally going to say I do. 

There were no cameras allowed in the church, so excuse the lack of photography but here is one of the newlyweds later on. 

The ceremony was beautiful and was made all the more special by Hal's father marrying them both. He is the reverend at Downton Baptist church and there was not a dry eye in the house by the time he was finished, not even him. 

Tissues were passed around and lots of mascara fixing occurred afterwards. 

The service was beautiful, simple and completely personalized. It was clear the love these two have for each other and how much love had gone into the planning from both sides of the family. 

We finished the ceremony with a jolly big sing of "Ding Dong Merrily on High" which put everyone in a very good mood. 

Outside, a marquee had been set up on the lawn were we continued our merry celebrations long into the night.  

After some prosecco and Pimms it was time for the speeches. 

Both Hal & Josephine took their turns at saying thank you. It was a lovely touch from the couple. It was clear this wedding had been a joint effort from both sides of the family and it was so heart-warming hearing how everybody had pitched in.

From Hal's grandma making the wedding dress, to using their ancestors wedding rings, from Josephine's sister and brother-in-law providing the Pimms bar and hog roast and so so much more.

Then came the best man's speech by Hal's brother, Alfie. He was a bundle of nerves, bless him, with his hands physically shaking and the characteristic Rhoades family blush in his cheeks. 

He did a wonderful speech and, much like his dad, did not leave a dry eye in the room. 

It's beautiful to watch the bond between these brothers and, in fact, the entire family.

Then Josephine's father took to the stage for the traditional Father of the bride speech.

Both families are adorable.

Even their cake was too, which was a miniature version of the couple (and I think made by his gran?).

Formalities out of the way.

The festivities began...

Dinner was a delicious hog roast and a beautiful selection of salads, humus, dips all made by their generous family.

Forever will be children

Thanks for a great  wedding weekend!

Now can somebody else hurry up and get married so we can do it all over again.


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