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22 September 2016

A Midsummer Night's Dream Afternoon Tea, The Swan

Thought she be but little, she is fierce!

One of my favourite Shakespeare quotes.

From one of the earliest rom-com's ever written. A Midsummer Night's Dream is a classic tale of comedy intertwined with the love lives of many.

Where do you think the likes of Love Actually, Notting Hill or 10 Things I Hate about you came from? The classics that have kept women company throughout the ages during break ups, sleepovers and home alone pamper evenings.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to a Midsummer Night's Dream Afternoon Tea at the Swan.

2016 marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, so an afternoon tea party in his honour is only fair.

The home of William Shakespeare in London is the Globe, set on the banks of the river Thames, and the Globe's next door neighbour?

Well, that would be the Swan.

They have some of the best views overlooking the Thames.

And I do believe they gave us the best seats in the house.

The chef's at the Swan have put together an exquisite platter of sweet and savoury treats inspired by the food and the characters in the play itself.

The Swan is already a beautiful backdrop for diners to enjoy but their Midsummer Night's Dream inspired crockery and decorations is next level.

It transports you into the world of Athenian lovers.

Once we were sat down and settled in we toasted William himself with some bubbles, as I am sure he would approve.

We chatted and marveled at the details in the table. Everything had reason and meaning and the little touches in the decor and the staff made you feel special.

Of course, a Midsummer Night's Dream Afternoon Tea at the Swan wouldn't be so without tea.

And that is exactly what we had in between sips of bubbles and fizz.

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.

Wouldn't you agree?

The afternoon tea stand soon paraded in to become the center piece and crowned glory of our afternoon.

A plethora of colours that lightened up the dull grey sky outside, like a rainbow of colours brought to light after the rain.

Where to start? Where to begin?

Chocolate & violet chouquettes, very similar to profiteroles, that were light and fluffy. 

Hibiscus & apricot shot, a rather strange but delicious fusion of flavours. Delicious apricots which Titania feeds to Bottom when she is cast under the love potion spell. 

Duck egg mayonnaise, asparagus sandwiches. 

Smoked salmon, grape mustard & dill pancakes. 

Herb fed lemon chicken and pea flower. Pea flower from which Oberon's love potion is squeeze, interfering with the lover's fates. 

Wild mushroom, whipped truffle cheese tart.

Speaking of love potions which is how the fairies are able to interfere with the lover's fate...


Love potion cocktails – a magical mix of Earl grey infused gin, honey from London Honey Co, blackberry puree and prosecco, topped with fresh blackberries.

For instant happy Charlotte please just add Love Potion cocktail.

Mulberry scones & plain scones served with clotted cream & Midsummer jam. Mulberreries, the tree under which Pyramus & Thisbe agree to meet in the play within the play.

We whiled the way the hours almost forgetting to eat between conversation, stories and laughter.

As Shakespeare himself once wrote unquiet meals, make ill digestions.

Strawberry delice with an Eldeflower meringue (more like a mini macaroon). An unexpected soft center which tasted like strawberries & cream on a hot Summer's afternoon.

Lemon & rose cake taking me on a nostaligc journey of childhood in Spain. They tasted just like lemon magdalenas, light & fluffy and the best kind of cupcakes. 

It astounds me anybody who can get through that entire platter of treats. I was just about ready to be rolled down the Thames straight back home.

Not before checking out Jadey's flower closet under the stairs.

Where all of her beauties and creations are made, but more on this another time.

We took a stroll after tea along the bank, there was no question about it whether we needed it or not.

And we wouldn't want to miss the idyllic grounds of Shakespeare's London home.

(not great quality, they chipped after day 1)

Walking across the Millenium bridge you really do just get some of the best views of the Swan and the Globe.

You can also spy the Shard and St Paul's....

London Bridge (there in the distance).

And the Tate!

Where you can try your best Tash Oakley poses before feeling the stare of stranger's gazes upon you as they walk across the bridge whilst you are laughing into thing air.

When the breeze was too much and we were sufficiently digested we headed back our separate ways out of London. 

I implore you to book yourself a table at the Swan (the one of the 2nd floor opposite the bar, next to the column). Take a date for a swanky meal before swanning next door for a Shakespeare play, guaranteed to impress. 

Book your table here now. 


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