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27 August 2016

The First Sunset in Spain

So I have a major problem.

My hard-drive broke this week and with it ALL of my documents, ALL of my files and ALL of my photos from the last month.

It's fair to say it's pretty s****.

My hard-drive is being sent off to Germany to see if anything can be recovered, but it's not looking good. 

I luckily uploaded a couple of images to my blog prior to the death of the hard-drive but it still doesn't make up for loosing ALL of my images from my birthday week in Spain. 

So last week I went home. It was my birthday, the weather has been a little hit and miss in the UK and I needed some sun, some family and some jamon serrano. 

This time coming home was slightly different. 

As my parents stepped away from Bogart's last Christmas they seem to have gained a life! No more were their evenings tied to the restaurant and they actually had weekends off. 

For the first time, we went to the beach on a Sunday. No more Sunday Carvery. 

On Friday we were invited by the wonderful John & Mandy, Mum & Dad's friends from Dubai, for dinner at theirs. 

We arrived at Casa Leche, a most beautiful house, not very far from ours, and it was a glorious evening to enjoy some bubbles with mum and dad and great company.

The house is classically Spanish but with a modern twist.They completely renovated the house when they bought it and I must say there is not one thing I can think of doing differently. 

I just need the name of their architect and interior designer when I finally buy a house. 

They also have the most stunning guard dog, but she is a softy really.

Wearing a red Summer dress from Glamourous (from last year's collection) and my favourite (and most comfortable) wedges I soaked up every single moment of being in the hot Spanish evening. 

Similar dress here, here here and here

Similar wedges here and here

I had been pampered and preened this morning at Pepi's Hairdressers and was starting to enjoy the start of turning 25. It was good not to have to think about work and it's amazing how the pace of life and responsibilities seems to change so drastically simply by being here. 

The sun gleamed over the tops of trees and houses whilst the moon was just about visible as Mandy gave us a guided tour of their beautiful home.

With champagne in hand and many oohs and aahs at their decor, Mandy told us all about her new venture in ice skating. Did I mention ice skating in Dubai? 

It sounds ludicrous and fabulous all at the same time and most definitely something I would do. 

Mandy has been fearless in joining her local ice skating club where the average age is about 10. 

She has even competed in competitions! Mandy was there in all her glitz and glamour competing as the oldest entry and she had the most amazing time. She has even found herself an ice skating partner here in Malaga and is devastated the Benalmadena ice rink closes over Summer. But who knew there was a dry ice skating rink in San Pedro?

It is such a wonderful story and just goes to show you are never to old for anything! Mandy gave me inspiration to try something new and be fearless. 

She is amazing!

An ex-publicist, she also has an amazing way with words...

We also found this little fella on our tour!

We had chorizo and chicken on the barbecue for dinner but I was more enthralled in the conversations. 

John showed us the council estate in Glasgow where he grew up, Castlemilk it was called. And now he spends his time living between Dubai and Malaga. 

Castlemilk. Casa Leche. Now I get it! (Leche is milk in Spanish if you didn't know). 

One of my favourite things to ask is how somebody got to where they are today? Learning about somebody's past and how they reached the top is always so inspiring and just reminds me not to get complacent. 

Work hard for what you believe in, give people a chance, never stop believing in yourself and know that if you fail, another (maybe better) opportunity is just around the corner. 

Also never forget when you came from. 


Bear think John's pretty wonderful too.

But she is a Daddy's girl after all.

What a lovely start to my holiday. Great company, great food, amazing house and even better conversations. Isn't that what life is all about?


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