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3 August 2016

Silver Hearts & Tiny Bows

Does anybody else feel we have taken a full 360 with the weather and gone back in to Winter?

I'm not quite ready for snuggly jumpers and hiding under a blanket watching Netflix.

It's August! My birthday month :)

So as a refusal to accept the drizzly grey weather, we grabbed a drink down the pub and pretended to be in the South of Spain somewhere.

This is also the perfect time to show off my new floral print jacket which I have become obsessed with this Summer.

Dainty patterns adorn the blazer and the soft silky material feels like slipping into a bed of silky linen.

Blazer (can't find it online at H&M)
Similar one on ASOS | Another similar ASOS one

And perhaps most importantly, complemented by Jewellery Box UK jewels.

I am a big believer in simple accessories that pair with almost anything, which is why I am thrilled to be partnering up with Jewellery Box UK this August.

All of the pieces I chose are from their Sterling Silver range and you won't believe me when I tell you the price. Simply click on the links to find out, then you can ask me in disbelief:

They cost hoooooow much?

The sort of jewellery that takes you from the office, to the afternoon tea to dinner at the pub.

It may be minimum accessories, but without them I feel naked because you are never fully dressed without a smile or your accessories!

Jewellery Box UK has some stunning pieces, its certainly worth checking them out. Don't be fooled by the price, they are all assay certified which regulates that the jewellery you buy online doesn't make your fingers go green!

Best thing about them?

They match perfectly with Rosé.

 You know me, I always bring it right back to food or cocktails (and Instagram!)

Which reminds me, are we Instabuddies yet? Find me here.

Whilst you're there why not give Jewellery Box UK a follow too for pure Insta-envy and inspiration?

We sipped and talked over drinks and then ordered take out and snuggled under blankets watching Orange is the New Black. I guess the weather certainly got the best of us this time!


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