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22 August 2016

Live the Highs & the Lows. Live Everything.

Never take anything for granted.

It's a saying you hear a lot but one that I most desperately live by.

Time changes everything; people, places and relationships.

Soak up every single moment, be it little or large, and truly be present in the now.

The highs and the lows are what makes us human and although, now more than ever, it may seem someone's life is perfect through the lens of social media don't forget we all have good days and we all have bad days.

We should cherish the highs and learn to ride the lows because without those feelings of sadness, loneliness or doubt we would never be able to experience excitement, happiness or pure bliss.

Yeah sometimes life can hand you a curve ball but I am glad to be alive, to live in freedom, free of persecution.

2016 has been a crazy year full of terror and sadness but I am alive and I plan on living life for as long as I can.

Live in the moment. Live everything.

I believe life should be shared. I'm the first one who loves nothing more than eating ice cream in my underpants watching The Good Wife on Netflix but don't underestimate the power of company, good company.

There is nothing more beautiful than sharing an experience with someone. Watching the sunset with someone, discovering a city with someone or even simply catching that latest film at the cinema.

Our purpose in life is to be happy and this can mean so many different things to different people.

Your happiness goals can change, because time changes everything. Things I feel I wanted, craved last year might not be the same things as I want today. Your perspective on life and happiness can change but as long as you can find a slither of happiness then I think you will be ok.

So that's what I'm doing, taking each day  as it comes. Focusing on the positives, reminding myself how lucky I am that I am alive and I have a roof over my head and that I have the freedom to be, be who I want to be.

Maybe it's because I turned 25 that I'm feeling a little philosophical or maybe I'm having a quarter life crisis but I am reminding myself that I'm lucky I live in a country not devastated by war or persecuted for my beliefs. 

Things change, people change and your perspective of happiness can change but that's ok. Just live life and enjoy every moment and find your happiness in the world.

Today I am happy to get to spend the day with my cousin in such a glorious place that she calls home.

Away from the city but not too far is this little paradise and this makes me happy.

Perhaps I was happy because I was coated in Jewellery Box UK sparkles (I haven't taken these off since I got them!)

Or perhaps it was because I turned my phone off, got lost in a novel and frolicked in Earth's beautiful nature.

Jojo Moyes sure had me captivated to the pages of "Me Before You", I couldn't put it down and not for a long time as a story made such an impact on my life.  It's not just a love story, it is so much more than that.

It made me question my life choices and the things which I chose not to do. It taught me that we should enjoy our freedom and suck up every single little thing life throws at you because one day those choices and that freedom could be taken away from you.

If you haven't read it (but have watched the film) I implore you to read it.

So here I am, enjoying life. Making choices because I can. 

Have you read Me Before You? What's your motto in life?

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