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21 July 2016

Down by the River, Marlow

Water has magical calming powers.

When I am by a sea, lake or river, I get an overwhelming sense of peace and realise how beautiful nature is.

This week we have had a mini heatwave in the UK and it has been glorious, but what is it with all of these British complaining it's too hot?

You moan all year that you have crappy weather and when the sun finally comes out, you moan too. 

So instead of moaning, I grabbed my fella and took him for a waltz along the river Thames. 

Much to people's disbelief, the Thames doesn't just run in London, it also comes out to the suburbs. 

To Marlow too, my place of work. 

I come down to the river on my lunch breaks and just sit and watch the swans, ducks, boats and rowers go by. With an iced Starbucks in hand (Iced Caramel Machiato, try one, they are amazing) and the sun shining I couldn't imagine a better place to be. 

Marlow is set on the banks of the river Thames and I love this picturesque little town. 

I must say I think Lii Lii does too. 

The banks are aligned with the most beautiful houses I have ever seen. Each having their own individual design and architecture. 

Some Georgian some modern, but all equally stunning. 

We walked off the high street and down along the banks of the river and just kept walking.

Are you coming with us? Promise we are not playing Pokemon Go along the way.

Only real critters here. 

I may have been a grumpy pants recently but this has mainly been down to the lack of Summer.

But when Britain is like this, I can't really complain.

I just want to stop and take it all in.

This side of the river was the public side, people flocked with their loved ones and four-legged friends.

All of the private estates houses were on the other side of the bank and I felt almost sneaky, peeking over to see what each  and everyone was up to. It almost felt like being in Disney when you were on those revolving theatres and the stages kept rotating so you could be a spectator in each unfolding story.

We were spectators at two weddings along the riverside and I'm sure the bride and groom couldn't have hoped for a better day. I hope you didn't mind us peeking!

Lii Lii was getting hot and bothered so we strongly encouraged her to take a dip to cool off.

Oh but we all remember pugs will do anything to avoid water...

Except this cheeky princess loves a frolic in water. 

So we went on a hunt for a shallow bit of riverbank. 

Almost like magic, a section of the river widened up and revealed the most perfect little beach.

A dog's paradise.

But humans are allowed in too...

Wearing my trusty skirt/short (do they call this a skort? I hate that name...) it's the best way to look girly but practical if ever a situation arises, like needing to take a dip in the river.

We had to coax Lii Lii in to the water at first.

She can be a little madam and if it's not on her terms, the puggy will sulk.

Eventually, she swam in but almost immediately regret it. She could stand up quite easily, but insisted on using me as a leg rest.

She soon scurried off...

Second time's a charm, okay maybe not so much!

We stayed until the later afternoon and I must say it was one of the most relaxing days I have had in a long time. 

We grabbed a pint and a bite to eat back in Marlow centre to celebrate a great day before heading home. 

Have you ever been to Marlow? Do you have any favourite water-side spots? 

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