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9 June 2016

The Gamekeepers, Mappledurwell

My favourite British name has to be Mappledurwell.

I don't think you can get more British than that.

Add to that wooden beams and classic country-side memorabilia and you've got yourself a true British pub in the most British-sounding village.

The Gamekeepers is a pub fit for a Queen!

And a Queen she was. 

Sitting on the throne of Pugshireland, Queen Lii Lii was quite enjoying the view from up there. 

She had inherited taken over, demanded the crown from the British bulldog reign, that is, and she barks a hard bargain!

I've become a big big fan of doggie-pubs, you know dog-friendly pubs. Not only because you can't leave Queenie at home on her own (she pouts) but because life is infinitely much better with pugs in it.

Britain (I've found) does pretty well on the dog-friendly pub-front and it's so much more inviting going to a dog-friendly pub. Here are some reasons why:

People talk to you, as you share a common interest. It breaks the ice. Makes British people not so.. well.... unfriendly.

Doggy Therapy! If you are ever missing your pup/pet/cat or just fancy a cuddle from a furry friend go down to your local doggy pub, you can even have a pint whilst you're at it (I did a post on puggy therapy here). 

Healthy for you. Did you know dog owners have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol? I'm just gonna leave that one there for you to ponder over...

If all of the above sounds good to you, then get yourself over to Doggie Pubs (link here). They list all dog-friendly pubs in your area, sort them by food standard AND offer reviews so you know which ones to avoid. 

Thank me later.

The Gamekeeper is doggie-friendly AND the food here is amazing. So win win!

It's up-scale British and everything is sourced locally - the meat is from nearby farms, you could literally say the chef caught the fish/meat this morning!

Even the Ovenbaked Tunworth Cheese (it comes from Herriard, Basingstoke). 

Which was nice, but just too over-powering. I love cheese but this was seriously cheesy, like way too much! But if you love smelly cheese, go for it!

I'd recommend you get the confit of chicken to start (we were too quick eating it so no picture). 

We ordered the fillet of beef and the venison next and I think I died and went to heaven. 

Steak was good, delicious. 

But I am so glad I ordered the venison (it was my first time). If you love fillet steak, then you must must try venison - it's so much more juicy, succulent and flavoursome. 

The venison melts in your mouth and I can't even explain the fireworks of flavours that happens in your mouth. 

It was the best venison I'd ever had!

The food was good, very good, but very very rich. There was no way I could fit a dessert in and even T couldn't manage a dessert, which is saying something...

Instead we opted to enjoy the beautiful Summer's eve.

It wasn't until we went outside to explore, did we discover the best part about the Gamekeepers: the big empty field (well according to Queenie).

Where you can still drink wine of course.

The Gamekeepers is definitely worth a visit if you are in the Hampshire country-side and you have a doggie. It's hidden away (literally) down a country lane where you will get major #cottagegoals and #farmhousegoals and it's not that hectic if your dog is a little shy.

Phil, the landlord is super friendly and is just as dog-mad as we are. He even face-timed his wife, Sandra, just so she could meet Queen Lii Lii (totally something my dad would do)! Such a warm, family-orientated pub and they made me feel just at home.

If you go, please let me know, I might come with you! 


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