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20 June 2016

Come Fly With Me, FSM

Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking.

We'd like to welcome you on board this FSM flight.
Today we will be flying to Hong Kong and Switzerland. Flight duration will be around 60 minutes and we are expecting some turbulence today, so buckle your seat belt and get ready for the flight of your life.

Flying has always been second nature to me. I can't remember the first time I flew on a plane but even to this day I still get exited when we take off. 

Soaring through a heaven of clouds and knowing new adventures wait for me at the other end is all part of the fun. 

My fella doesn't quite share the same feelings about flying. 

A couple of bad experiences and way too many episodes of Air Crash Investigation has knocked his confidence which does not bode well with my love of adventure. 

As soon as Mama B found out about his nerves she immediately did as mums do and sent him on a flying course with her good friend Pilot Rigby. 

It's been 2 years in the making, but we finally made it to Coventry airport. 

Pilot Rigby has over 40 years experience of flying and now he spends his days putting trainee pilots through their paces and giving relatively newbies the chance to fly the big planes. 

First you run through some basic training in all things aeroplanes, flying and the science of flying. 

I was pretty nervous we were going to be tested at the end of it, but thankfully you don't have to be Einstein to be allowed in the pilot's seat. 

I let him go first. 

I was hoping to steal some tips so as to not to make a fool of myself. 

We love and support each other, but a good bout of healthy competition never hurt nobody. 

Tom was flying to Hong Kong today. The OLD Hong Kong terminal. If you haven't heard of this airport then please watch this.

A nearly impossible landing which felt more like a video game than real life. 

He did a (an annoyingly) good job. No crashes and a relatively smooth landing. 

I put it down to his love of video games and the pilot's steering wheels resembles that of a PS3 controller. 

Then it was my turn to sit in the hot seat.

Pilot Dave ran me through it again. I had way too many questions about what controls do what and what button is this and mainly how not to crash.

But the basic premise is to try and keep the the two wings (on the bottom right hand corner) level with the rest of the plane. Which was a LOT harder than you think.

We were flying to Switzerland.

The flight was the thrill of a lifetime. Even though we were in a controlled environment and pilot Dave was doing all of the proper technical changes of angles and elevations, it genuinely felt like I was flying (no crashes). 

After flying across the city, we saw the landing strip light up like Rudolph and prepared for landing. 

(Somehow) we made it safely back on the ground and even though we were in a simulator, my ears popped and I had that heady feeling of being in flight. 

We were both buzzing! We just flew a plane! And I think all of pilot Dave's knowledge of engines and engine failures put my guy's mind at ease. 

We celebrated our successful flights with pints at the only establishment worthy of pilots. 

An old DC-6 cargo plane converted into the coolest eatery I have ever seen. 

Yes, we're on a plane.

But a grounded plane.

It was quite surreal sipping on a cold San Miguel surrounded by 4 or 5 pilots - is this what it is like having a drink on Emirates first class lounge bar?

Although awesome, I felt quite claustrophobic. I can't imagine the place being full.

But I would definitely host a pretty epic dinner party here with a bunch of friends!

Once again ladies and gentlemen, we thank you for choosing to fly with FSM today. We have switched on the seat belt sign as we come in for our final descent and we look forward to seeing you on-board again soon. 

Flight Simulator Midlands is a truly amazing experience (their 5 start rating on TripAdvisor would also agree) and if you fancy doing something different this weekend then check out their website here

Psst! They have quite a few deals on Groupon and it makes for a great birthday or Christmas present for your dad or your brother!

How about you? Have you ever been on a flight simulator? Are you scared of flying? I would love to know your experiences and how you feel, please comment in the Disqus box below. 


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