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23 June 2016

Bloggers Ball, DSTRKT Part I

Last Saturday morning I got woken up by the birds humming outside my window, I rolled over and peaked at my phone through one eye.

7:56am. I had woken up before my alarm but I was just too excited and nervous and anxious to sleep anymore.

I needed to get up and get ready and I was determined not to miss our train.

I jumped in the shower, packed our little suitcase, did my hair, did my make-up and tried very hard to get him out of bed and get him ready whilst I slipped on my new red dress.

We needed to go to London!

After dropping our bags off at our hotel, with my stomach knotted with nerves and excitement we travelled north of the river and arrived at the Bloggers Ball!

The Bloggers Ball this year was being held at DSTRKT next to Picadilly Circus and was hosted by Scarlett London.

Scarlett runs a very successful blog and amidst planning blogger events, travelling and running her own blog she has been studying for her degree and has only just graduated to become a full-time blogger! If you haven't checked her blog out, please click here

DSTRKT lends itself to a beautiful setting, but Scarlett had put on a great show.

Once inside, my nerves completely disappeared and were replaced by pure excitement and wonder. 

I didn't know where to start or who to talk to. There were so many stalls I was a little overwhelmed. 

Out of nowhere a waiter appeared with a tray of wine, I grabbed one, Tom nudged me into the direction of a brand stall and immediately fell in to conversation. 

And that was it! I was on a roll!

Rows of brands and PR and lots of people more than ready to talk to you.

These girls are from the Handbag Spa, they give your luxury hand bags and purses a make-over. They restore designer pieces back to their original state and I know mine needs a little TLC. My Mulberry is my pride and joy and I use like all the time, it has been through a lot.

One is a cake. One is a real bag. 

Guess which one?

Western Digital (WD) is a digital company specialising in hard drives, which as a blogger is pretty crucial.

Taking so many photos is great when you are on the move, but being able to store them all and not loose them is tough. There have been so many times when I lost photos, crashed computers, accidental deletes oh and there was that one time I left my camera on the train after 2 weeks on holiday...

The beauty of their passport ultra is that their hard drive is mini and compact so you can just pop it in your bag and take it with you wherever you are, Thailand, London or Bali. 

WD were also running a competition today. Find the WD coaster in the lounge of DSTRKT and if it has a gold star on it, you win an ultra passport!

And guess who won?!

Now that I've got a new passport, I need to plan my next trip right? 

I was settling in quite nicely to the Bloggers Ball. I'd met some lovely people and got to know some new brands (who mostly all gave out goodie bags!). The wine was flowing, there were sweets and canapes but I still couldn't bring myself to eat anything. 

Jewellery Box had the cutest jewellery set up, they were a little on the quiet side but still their pieces spoke for themselves. They had the cutest little bumble B necklace on display, I will definitely be looking them up when I'm home. 

Then I met Blogosphere. Have you heard of them?

I, embarrassingly didn't. Never even come across them, but they are pretty much like the world of blogging. 

They put the world of bloggers into writing and publish a magazine written by bloggers for bloggers. 

The lovely girls from Blogosphere walked me through the whole magazine and explained how I could get involved, how I could find out when the next blogger meet ups would be and even the chance to win gold membership to the magazine AND a blogosphere bag full of goodies, including prosecco!

All you had to do was take a photo of yourself and upload it to Twitter and the winner would be announced at the end of the Bloggers Ball. Simple.

So...? Fragrances made me smell like an ice cream sunday. 

And Tessuti an online designer men's fashion brand  made me want to dress Tom up in all their clothes. They have just started doing women's clothing and bags and there are big things coming their way!

I was loving the Bloggers Ball. This was my first time attending a bloggers event, my first time publicly talking about my blogging and I was really enjoying it. Meeting so many like-minded people who just wanted to find out about your adventures and what you love writing about.

I was even feeling good enough to eat something. 

Oh not forgetting to tweet that photo for Blogosphere!

Then, I stumbled across Jody Bell. 

I was dying to meet Jody Bell. I'd recently seen their new collection online, not only because Scarlett had just done a shoot in Spain (SPAIN!) but because their pieces were so different to anything I'd ever seen and they were even better in the flesh. 

Their pieces were so adorable and luxurious. They were classic pieces with unusual colours which stand out from the crowd. They were a fresh of breath air.

Jody Bell makes staple pieces for your wardrobe and I was already imagining all of the events I could wear them to..

Then I met Melanie, the lovely PR from Jody Bell and I fell more in love with the brand. 

We had connections from Marbella, she used to live in Soto and her niece used to go to EIC, such a small world we live in!

Jody Bell was created on the Costa Blanca and they are looking to expand in to London and New York, all I can say is expect big things from them. 

But all I kept thinking was can I take one home with me?

Melanie must have read my mind. She saw me eyeing up all of the pieces and almost immediately asked "Which ones are your favourites? You know you can try them on? Please go try, go try! Why do you think we are so close to the bathroom here? It's basically like our dressing room"

So I grabbed my favourite and Melanie shuffled me off to the bathroom with her niece, the gorgeous Francesca.

Aaaaand you will have to wait until my next blog post to see which pieces I chose. My bed is calling...


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