Wintery May Day ~ The Blonde B

2 May 2016

Wintery May Day

Whilst the rest of world warms into Spring weather (well the Northern hemisphere anyways), the UK decided it didn't have enough of Winter this year.

Over the past week I have driven home with sunglasses on whilst it has been snowing, hailing, raining and glorious sun-shining intermittently.

Usually I'm the sun's number one fan, but this weather has meant I can I can prolong my Winter outfits without the need of a thick winter coat.

I also can hold off doing a big Spring clean and changing my wardrobe over! Which I get so lazy about...

Let's not avoid the real issue here: global warming is real!

It's May and I'm still wearing my Winter boots...
My favourite Winter boots and my bargain of a hat (£1 from Primark).

My new dress from Forever 21 was supposed to match well with Summer wedges, but I guess I will be wearing it with boots for a while until the British Summer decides to engage.
It's been a funny old bank holiday and it's weird not being in Spain for May Day but with some much needed DIY in the house we've made the most of it.

Walks to the pub for drinks and lunch and catching up with the latest movies.

Some might say what a bore, but to me, it's been perfection just hibernating along with the British Summer!

I'll see ya when the sun comes out!


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