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30 May 2016

2-1-2 Smoothies

Let's take a minute to talk about how amazing smoothies are.

They are the quickest way to grab breakfast on the go while filling up on fruit, veg & nutrients.

Invest in a few jam jars and drink it on your way to work, school or the gym.

Let's face it nobody has time in our busy schedules to prepare ALL of the fruit and vegetables we are required to have.

You can pack as many as 3, 4 or 5 into one smoothie that will keep hunger at bay until lunch.

The point of smoothies is that you can use any fruit and veg you have in the house, be as imaginative as you like, but I always stick to my 2-1-2 formula to get the perfect combination:

2/parts fruit + 1/ part veg + 2/liquid 

This ensures you get the perfect consistency and flavour every time. I don't mean 2 fruits to 1 vegetable to 2 liquids, I refer to the quantities you need so blend 2 parts of any mixed fruit, to one part of any mixed vegetables to 2 parts of liquid. 

Then add some extra boosters to pack a hell of a punch in the nutrient department!

Boosters are a great way to pack more vitamins into your day:

Wheatgrass Powder - a superfood that is basically good for everything. It detoxifies blood, cleanses the liver, great for skin acne and muscle tone, anti-inflammatory, improves collagen tissue, reduces allergies, protects joints from arthritis, helps the reproductive system and promotes fertility, reduces varicose vains, promotes healthy gums, enhances digestion and aids weight loss & slows down the ageing process. Need any more reasons to introduce wheatgrass in to your life?

Matcha Green Tea Powder - green tea in hot liquid format makes me feel ill, so I like adding green tea powder to my smoothies to enjoy the full benefits: loaded with antioxidants that aids weight loss, improves brain function & lowers the risk of cancer.

Spirulina - great for anti-ageing, eyes/vision, helps prevent cancer, detoxifies blood and the immune system. 

Acidophilus Capsules - unbelievably awesome for digestive health . It's also been proven to help females have a healthy area down there, to fight yeast infections and keep UTI's at bay.

Ground Flaxseed - an excellent source of fibre, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to help fight heart disease, diabetes & cancer. It lowers cholesterol, helps control hot flushes and protects skin against the sun.

Camu Powder - has more vitamin C than your kiwi fruit or orange combined. It's sometimes nicknamed "nature's vitamin pill" and will boost your immune system making you one of those smug people who never gets ill!

Some of my favourite combinations are:

Green Detox:

2 - Apple, Kiwi, Pineapple 
1 - Handful of Spinach & Kale
2 - Coconut Milk
* Spoonful of Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Green Tea Powder


2 - Frozen Banana, Apple, 
1 - 1/2 Cucumber, Handful of Kale
2 - Orange Juice (freshly squeezed - with bits ensures it's more natural!)
* Acidophilus, Ground Flaxseed Matcha

Very Berry:

2 - Frozen Berries, Melon
1 - Handful of Spinach, Beetroot
2 - Almond Milk
*Spirulina, Wheatgrass Powder, Camu Powder

Introduce smoothies in to your life and start feeling good on the inside and glowing on the outside! 

You will see a change in your hair, nails and skin and you will have a sparkle in your eyes.

Be one of those smug #nofilter #nomakeup kinds!

I tend to make my smoothies in batches and freeze them so I can take one with me each morning on the car ride in to work and let them defrost along the way. 

There are endless combinations of flavours, it's also a great way to use up all your fruit and veg in the house without it going off.

If you have your own favourite 2-1-2 smoothie recipe please let me know in the comment box below and I'll add them to my list!


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