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30 April 2016

The Chamberlain, West Hollywood

A couple of months ago I started researching the best places to stay in LA.

With a place made up of over 80 neighbourhoods how do you know which one is the best to stay in?

So I asked you guys for recommendations and everyone had their very own favourite parts of LA along with a few handy hints & tips.

Because after all what's better than word of mouth?

Imagine having thousands of friends who have all visited your next holiday destination and they can tell you first-hand exactly what the best and worst bits are?

They will even rank the best hotels/restaurants/trips in your area and provide you with a Top 10 Best... so you can easily pick your favourites and make the most out of your holiday.

This, ladies and gentleman, is what's called TripAdvisor. And I swear by it, I don't know what I'd do without it.

Wherever I go I do a quick Top 10 Best... search if we are deciding on a bite to eat, a place to stay or a site to see.

Why would you read the fancy marketing claims on a hotel/restaurant's website instead of listening to your friends? Reviews don't lie!

So this is how we arrived at the Chamberlain in West Hollywood, tucked away in a quiet residential area between Sunset Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd. In the friendliest neighbourhood in town, you will find the elegant and oh so 60's Chamberlain.

If you're not careful you might even drive past it, it's that inconspicuous! But isn't that what everyone wants in LA? A little bit of private haven?

We arrived at the underground Valet and a lovely gentleman met us to help with our bags, something we are not used to in Europe but everyone does Valet in LA.

The place oozes character and elegance.

I had more than a few #designgoals moments.

We got upgraded to the Chamberlain's Premier Executive King Suites and felt more than comfortable with our own living room, marble furniture, two TV's AND fireplace!

I am so sorry for the bad photos, they are terrible! We were out more than we were in but hopefully a couple of these will do the place justice. 

I mean look how funky their black and white squares are

And don't get me started on those dusty blue armchairs!

I would sit and catch up on US Elle, Cosmo and Vogue waiting for him to get ready. I don't know who said girls take longer!

And the Chamberlain has the bestest rooftop pool.

We spent our last morning in LA here before our big roadtrip to Nevada. 

March was still pretty chilly in LA. I was amazed at how similar LA weather is to Marbella weather.

There is no way (Jose) I would jump in the pool in Spain at this time of year, but then the pool is heated, you have no excuse!

I needed to swim off all of those fish tacos.

It doesn't look too shabby at night either.

The Chamberlain really is a treat to stay in. It's within walking distance of Sunset blvd and Santa Monica blvd which both have tons of restaurants, bars, juice bars and shops to enjoy. So at night you could benefit from a brisk walk outside, or an $5 Uber for the heeled-wearing girls. 

It's relatively quiet in the neighbourhood so in a city as busy as LA you can actually enjoy some chill time. Prices per night are reasonable considering the excellent standard and d├ęcor of the boutique hotel. 

Watch out though! If you want to keep your card overnight it's a sneaky $40 extra! And you are obliged to use the Valet. There is no free parking in LA which is why hotels can get away with it. There was a cheaper car park down the road at the Ramada but even keeping it overnight meant paying $30. 

So if you are thinking of renting a car just remember to factor these extra prices in to your budget!

Thanks TripAdvisor for a great holiday!

Where shall we go next?


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