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16 April 2016

Secret Exercising: Runyon Canyon

Back at the hotel, later that afternoon, we changed into something a little more sporty and headed for the hills.

Ever since we landed in LA, the Hollywood Hills have been calling my name.

Tipped to be the best views of LA, I was super keen to visit Runyon Canyon as soon as we landed.

Best part of all, you don't need to make friends with Orlando Bloom or Katy Perry to appreciate the stunning scenes from the Hills.

Best best of all there's a healthy brisk walk up to the top. Time to get Tom to do some secret exercising!

If there is a way I can get Tom to secretly exercise, I will do it!

The boy hates walking, like seriously absolutely loathes it! I have never met anyone that hates walking. Like who hates walking? There is nothing better than the wind in your hair, working up a little sweat and taking in the fresh air with your surroundings. I love getting lost in new places and discover things you never could with a car.

I always have to trick him in to walking, there has to be a reward at the end of it for him to agree. "Tom why don't we go for a walk on the watch rugby.....then walk back?"

I 100% tricked him in to walking around the entirety of Venice and I don't even feel bad about it! I pretended to be lost (I wasn't) whilst reading my map and kept twisting and turning through the narrow streets of this wonderful city until we accidentally (it wasn't a coincidence) came out by the Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore! I legit thought Tom was going to launch himself into the canal and swim across to our hotel which was directly opposite (Read about it here).

The only thing he likes is walking the dogs, but we don't have a dog. That's why it's always good to steal his little family pugs for the weekend, but it's a struggle to even get them to go for walkies.

Anyway back to Runyon Canyon...

Tom had agreed to hike to the top in order to appreciate the views and with the promise that we would go to a Chinese restaurant later that evening (i.e: reward!). 

Runyon Canyon is one of the few places you can walk your dog unleashed, which in a city where everyone has a dog you can see why it's very popular. Locals go up there to do yoga or watch the sunset or just take some time out from the fast-paced LA. 

There are 3 different routes you can take to get up to the top of Runyon Canyon:

*The Hard Way up*
  •  North Fuller Ave Entrance: from Franklin and North Fuller Ave head north on North Fuller for about a block (roughly 200m) until you reach the park entrance. 
  •  Runyon Canyon Road Entrance: from the intersection of Franklin Ave and N Vista Street head North on N Vista Street a block and a half (roughly 300m) until you reach Runyon Canyon Road, then head East on that road until you reach the park entrance. 
*The Easy Way up*
  •  Mulholland Drive Entrance: where Pyramid Pl and Mulholland Drive intersect (right next to Katy Perry's houses)

It was only day 2 of our holiday and I didn't want him to hate me for the rest of the trip, so we took the Easy Way up.We drove up to Mulholland Drive, parked on the side of the road and it didn't take long to reach the top, unless you talk to Tom about it...

This was also the last day Runyon Canyon would be open until July! As LA was conducting some serious repairs to water pipes or something in the park

We were lucky to catch the last day and boy was it beautiful!

On the way down we were surrounded by a sea of yellow daisies which glistened in the twilight. 

We were among some of the most expensive and beautiful houses I'd ever seen. There are no rules or regulations that state what colour, shape and size your house should be in the Hills, like same same grey England. So the plethora of architecture is just outstanding!

We pointed out our favourite houses and day dreamed of LA life. 

I could get used to this...
It's only Day 2 but I can whole heartedly say, I love LA!

As some of you may know, I'm not a big city girl. 

I like wide open spaces with lots of green and preferably the sea (just wait until I tell you about Malibu, I almost died and went to heaven when we visited). But remote places hidden not so far from civilisation where I can indulge in some good food, shopping and cocktails at one's own peril.

That's how we ended up in Chineham! A cute green village hidden only 10 mins from the city-centre.

LA has the best of both worlds and I was excited to discover more. 

Top 5 reasons you should visit Runyon Canyon next time you're in LA:

1. Amazing Views
2. Secret Exercising
3. Dogs!
4. Dream House Hunting
5. Celeb-spotting


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