April 2016 ~ The Blonde B

30 April 2016

The Chamberlain, West Hollywood

A couple of months ago I started researching the best places to stay in LA.

With a place made up of over 80 neighbourhoods how do you know which one is the best to stay in?

So I asked you guys for recommendations and everyone had their very own favourite parts of LA along with a few handy hints & tips.

Because after all what's better than word of mouth?

24 April 2016

Malibu, For a Day

Our last full day in LA was spent at the beach.

About an hour's drive away is the popular seaside resort of Malibu.

Malibu is 34km of blissful white sandy beaches, stunning beach front homes and a surfer's paradise.

You can see why Lauren Conrad decided to spend that fateful Summer here with Jason and will forever be known as the girl that didn't go to Paris.

16 April 2016

Secret Exercising: Runyon Canyon

Back at the hotel, later that afternoon, we changed into something a little more sporty and headed for the hills.

Ever since we landed in LA, the Hollywood Hills have been calling my name.

Tipped to be the best views of LA, I was super keen to visit Runyon Canyon as soon as we landed.

Best part of all, you don't need to make friends with Orlando Bloom or Katy Perry to appreciate the stunning scenes from the Hills.

Best best of all there's a healthy brisk walk up to the top. Time to get Tom to do some secret exercising!

10 April 2016

Oak Tree Gun Club Shootin'

On our 2nd day, we drove out of the city leaving glamorous Hollywood behind.

Tom has been wanting to take me shooting ever since our American trip was booked.

We found a gun club  not far from LA and headed to hang out with some locals.

But first, coffee.