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28 February 2016

Puggy Therapy

The thought of "animal therapy" to me at university was ludicrous.

Why would I want to play for puppies and kittens for an hour during my exams?

This was the welfare team's idea of keeping our stress levels low during finals. Needless to say, I didn't go to any animal therapy classes and I still passed my exams.

Thing is you don't realise the impact a dog or a cat has on your life until they are no longer there.

That's why we like stealing this little munchkin as much as we can.

We sadly lost our little Candy almost 2 years ago now and nothing will ever replace the hole she left in our hearts. Now I truly miss the value of a little doggy running around the house causing mischief and giving you cuddles.

Although we have our own place, we still can't really get a little doggy of our own. We both work full-time and it's would be really unfair to get a pet who stays at home all on their own.

So we make use of all of his family dogs. He surprises me every now and then with little Lii Lii or Mimi and they are such a treat to have over (except the snoring, pugs snoring is horrendous!). And hopefully they enjoy sleepovers over here too!

We had Lii Lii to stay this weekend. She is such a cutie but a little rascal and diva and very weird when it  comes to walks.

 Lii Lii is only about 1 year old but she still hasn't mastered the art of walkies.

She will walk behind you, beside you, next to your feet but never in front of you more than a foot! Normal dogs want to run and jump and chase anything that's moving but Lii Lii is still a scared little pug.

 Next to....
Under your feet...

 Not sure where my arms are in this one...
 She is so much fun to have around and instantly lifts our mood no matter how we may be feeling. I should not underestimate the power of puppy therapy.

It's also an excuse to get the Mr out for a walk! He's not a fan of those.

It does help that the sun was shining in Chineham too!
She brings love and joy and laughter in to our weekends with her and it's always so sad when we have to say goodbye.

How about you? Have you ever felt the need to try out some animal therapy? Or where you like me, a little apprehensive?

There's a great little site called "Borrow my Dog" where you can look after somebody else's dog for a couple of hours whilst their owners are away or busy. Has anybody tried it? If you have I'd love to know your thoughts and if it's worth looking in to. 


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