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1 February 2016


Jade has been one of my best friends for 24 years.

We used to spend our summers playing in my paddling pool, mostly naked.

Now that we are older, we just do it with wine.

We are actually related, if you couldn't tell...

Her Dad and my Mum are siblings which makes us cousins, I guess, but I prefer to call her the sister I never had.

It was great growing up with JoBro whom I could go shopping with and discuss my outfits with, but when I was looking for someone to go with me in the Haunted house or on the roller-coaster at Tivoli I knew I could count on Jade.

Now that I live in Britain I get to see a whole lot more of her beautiful face and our adventures continue.

On this occasion, we find ourselves in Wales. The Nanna was over from Spain so we decided to visit her for the weekend. We each drove down to Wales which made Nanna's nerves increase from 98% to around 99% - does anyone else have a grandma that worries about every tiny little aspect of your life?

Nanna has always been a worrier, if she was calm we would wonder what's up!

On Saturday, after a couple of hours shopping in Sketty (no idea where this is, we couldn't find it on a map but Nanna and Sylvia were convinced it was a place, must be a Welsh thing) we settled down for a late lunch at Gemelli's.

As soon as we got there they served us water
But Nanna soon put an end to that...

Not that we are alcoholics, but Nanna was on her holidays (when is she not?) so it meant we were on holidays too right? And wine at 4pm in the afternoon is totally acceptable on holiday!

We were after something light to keep the hunger at bay whilst our main courses were cooking. 

So we ordered our body weight in starters.

A selection of bread and rolls with olive oil balsamic dip and butter, parma ham & tomato bruschetta, garlic mushrooms and prawns served with sour dough toast, mixed olives, tomatoes and other pickled vegetables.

Well I was positively stuffed after course 1. 

Whilst the food was delicious (well by this point just the starters), the restaurant d├ęcor needed a little bit of a revamp. I mean, a lot.

The place was cluttered, overly complicated and they had definitely forgotten to take their Christmas decorations down. 

The bathroom was the funniest place to visit. They had tried to keep it sheek and sultry but you just ended up peeing in the dark, imagine a Hollister store in the bathroom?

They had even forgotten to swap their Christmas plates back to normal. 

Don't you know it's bad luck to keep your Christmas decorations up after the 6th January?

Luckily they were saved by their food.

Jade and I matched with our risotto - it's my new favourite dish.

Not usually a fan of rice, I've always thought it was a little meh before. But add wine, cream, cheese and whatever vegetables or seafood you have lying around and you have yourself a winner!

The Italians can't seem to go wrong at the minute can they? 

Nanna and Sylvia twinned with the Welsh lasagne (which I think meant it was made with lamb?) and somehow, by some miracle, we finished the lot! We couldn't stop eating. It was like we were under some sort of Italian spell that made us finish every last scrap on our plate.

Definitely can't go wrong with Gemelli's. They have their own ice cream parlour and shelf after shelf of desserts which unfortunately we literally couldn't fit anywhere.

They have two in Newport (you can check them out here) so you are practically spoilt for choice if you are in the area.

Their food should come with a warning though, that you might become a couch potato for the rest of the day!

Thanks Nanna and Sylvia!


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