February 2016 ~ The Blonde B

28 February 2016

Puggy Therapy

The thought of "animal therapy" to me at university was ludicrous.

Why would I want to play for puppies and kittens for an hour during my exams?

This was the welfare team's idea of keeping our stress levels low during finals. Needless to say, I didn't go to any animal therapy classes and I still passed my exams.

Thing is you don't realise the impact a dog or a cat has on your life until they are no longer there.

That's why we like stealing this little munchkin as much as we can.

27 February 2016

Trenza de Chocolate y Almendra [Chocolate Almond Braid]

It's my first weekend back in the UK. The sun is shining, Wales kicked France's butt last night and I passed out at 10pm giving me 10 hours of blissful solid sleep.

Oh and I just made these gooey chocolatey trenzas again.

I am getting crumbs all over my laptop but it's oh so worth it!

13 February 2016

Working from Home Home

I am writing this at 35,000 ft in the air.

I'm on my way to Malaga and it feels so good to be flying home.

It feels even better knowing I will be spending a week here with work.

6 February 2016

Cosy Club, Wales

We couldn't leave Wales without popping into Cardiff.

The hub of Welsh life and a great destination for shopping.

It was such a horrid day. The wind was howling and it was pouring with rain. Lucy had joined us from Swansea and we just wanted to slip into somewhere cosy for some brunch...


1 February 2016


Jade has been one of my best friends for 24 years.

We used to spend our summers playing in my paddling pool, mostly naked.