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11 January 2016

JoBro's Birthday

Dear Jonathan,

Happy 22nd Birthday baby brother!

I am so sad I can't be with you there today, so I thought we'd reminisce about that one time we went shooting in Tom's backyard and had so much fun. It was our last proper brother & sister adventure and we don't get to do them often enough.

It was your last day in the UK before flying back to Madrid. You flew over to watch Wales vs Australia in the Rugby World Cup. We lost miserably but it didn't matter; we had such a great day together laughing over pints of beer, meeting fellow fans and stealing photos with players. 

We had such a jam-packed weekend full of activities and the Sunday before you left was no exception. 

Tom got the guns and earplugs ready whilst I searched the house for some wellies that would fit your gigantic feet. With no luck, you ended up in flip flops walking through puddles of mud in the back field in the freezing cold. But you didn't mind, you had a smile on your face and were having the time of your life. 

Tom was a great mentor; teaching you how to use the gun and the best way to shoot targets. But of course you picked it up instantly because you are the best at every sport in the world (*wink*).

Shooting was a great way to relieve stress and forget about work and deadlines and get out and enjoy some fresh air in our lungs. I love sharing experiences with you as you teach me so much and you always make me smile. You are so patient with me and I love knowing I have someone looking out for me in the world (even though you are the younger one!).

And nature rewarded us with a stunning sky at sunset, tinted pink to remind us that the world is beautiful, there is so much to explore and there are a thousand beauties that are eyes have yet to meet. 

So go explore the world, absorb every experience and fill your life with memories, not things. Cause things can break but memories last forever.

Love you always


I'm a very proud big sister and would love it if you could all join me in saying Happy Birthday Jonathan!

(Even if you don't usually leave comments. I'd love it if you made an exception just this once! Oh and make sure you say where you're from, so it's less anonymously scary!)


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