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25 October 2015

Soaring, Flying & Racing

My brother and I have always been very competitive.

It's a healthy brother-sister rivalry which has followed us into our twenties and into our life goals.

We always strive to out-do one another and win, which makes for a very fun game of Monopoly (ehem Jonathan stealing money as banker...).

When we are not on opposite sides we make the best team and plot the most wicked pranks to play on our dear father Mark or plan the best ways to win - you want to be on our charades team at Christmas!

Day 1 of JoBro's visit was jam-packed with activities. Naturally. Gotta keep the boy entertained!

First stop was Airkix in Basingstoke. Have you been?

It's an indoor sky diving experience which I'd been given for Christmas. Tom is rather scared of heights so I'd been saving this up until my brother came to visit. 

JoBro and I arrived like grinning teenagers, excited for the day ahead. Plotting our win!

Prior to our flight, JoBro and I were lead into a room to watch a safety video. We wondered where the rest of our group were as it was just him and I in there. "It's just you two" said Ryan, our instructor. 

Ryan was very energetic and practically bouncing off the walls. Seeing the stunts he does inside the wind tunnel, I can see why he'd try to re-create that in normal standing life.

It was all becoming a little more real and both of were a little nervous, even if we didn't like to admit it. We were about to see who would be making a bigger fool of themselves.

We zippered up our sexy overalls - they are the fashion darling!

And waited our turn. 

The group before us were insanely good!

Practising flips and turns and upside stunts in the wind tunnel.

Where we expected to do that on our first attempt?!

Our grinning faces soon turned to grimaces. 

Ryan reassured us these guys were professionals. 

They were part of the Italian military! 

We both sighed a sigh of relief and felt much better at being novices. They weren't going to make us do James Bond stunts on attempt number one, but it would have been totally cool!

We put on the most flattering helmets and goggles and jumped into the box. We also had to wear ear plugs due to the noise the wind tunnel makes. Talk about making a fashion statement!

I looked like a flying chipmunk! 

No cameras we allowed, but luckily Airkix take it upon themselves to capture some of the most sexy pictures ever of their flying guests. 
Jobro's hair! LOL

Bringing back the TJ quiff from Recess (dying with laughter here!).
It was amazing by how easy it was to fly!

I felt like a bird soaring through the air and neither one of us crash and fell into the sides. 

I was proud of both of us and Ryan was too as he stepped out of the tunnel on a couple of occasions to let us soar.

It's an experience I won't soon forget - skydiving next anyone?
It was all over in the blink of an eye!

We felt exhilarated. The wind really stretched your body and muscles out. I felt we'd just been in a 3 hour yoga class. My arms had been stretched out and I was ready for the day ahead. 

After some lunch and a bit of retail therapy, we drove down to Fareham to meet up with Tom for JoBro's next challenge: go karts
The boys slipped into another pair of sexy overalls and boat shoes (that's how the kids are wearing them these days) before their safety briefing. 

Karting is a little more intense than flying and I could tell both boys were feeling the pressure.

This was pure competition and there would be only 1 winner.
They got into their karts and positions one after the other. 

I could feel the tension in the air.


Green - they were off!

They did 3 races of 15 minutes each. I practically lost count of how many laps they did in the end. 

I was getting dizzy from the petrol fumes and watching the karts for round and round for ages. 
Both of them were neck and neck for most of the races. One in front of the other and then the other would overtake. 
In the end, JoBro came out on top (sorry Tom!)
My brother has transformed from an annoying little brother who use to lock me outside of the house just to annoy me into a wonderful young man (I'm still older though!) who I am very proud of.

I don't want you to go!


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