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6 October 2015

{Lazy} Margaritas

This is my favourite cocktail of all time. 

A perfect marriage of refreshing, boozy, sweet and sharp. 

They remind me of home-made lemonade I used to get when I was little. 

"When life gives you lemons..." grab Tequila and salt hey?!

Margaritas are guilty of being too strong and alcoholic here in Europe. 

They are served on the rocks in a tiny Martini glass and are 9 parts Tequila, 1 part lemon juice - but Europe just doesn't know how to make them right! 

America is where you need to be. They have Margaritas on tap. 

They are served frozen in big fish bowls. Basically an adult's only slush puppy.

This is one of the main reasons I visit the States. 

I am pining to go back to Kentucky where some friends introduced me to the king of all Margaritas at one of their local Mexican restaurants. If anyone knows which Mexican restaurant I am on about please let me know as I've completely forgotten the name!

These are the cheat's version of Margaritas, because, honestly, who has time to sit and squeeze 10 lemons for one Margarita? 

I usually get so impatient making proper Margaritas, I make enough for one cocktail and give up on making the rest for my guests.  

Key ingredient here is shop bought fresh lemonade (non fizzy!). 

Here is what you'll need:

Handful of Ice cubes 


Zumo de Limon - I used Don Simon [ If you're in the UK try this, or USA this]

Salt (to decorate)

Limes/Lemons (I used both!)

First we need to frost our glasses. Place an even layer of salt on a flat surface like on a plate or a chopping board. 
Rub a quarter of lemon or lime around the rim of your cocktail glasses. 

And carefully rub your glass in the salt, twisting and turning until your glass is evenly frosted. I recommend wiggling your bum at the same time to get them extra frosty.

In a blender crush together a couple of handfuls of ice, lemon juice and tequila. I like my Margaritas to be quite frozen without giving me brain-freeze. I will leave the balance of tequila and lemon juice up to you, depends on how boozy you are feeling *WINK*

To decorate, thinly slice round pieces of lemon and lime and cut down to about half the diameter and place on the rim of the glass.
Preferably served by the pool or on a sun lounger. 

But hey your front living room on a rainy Tuesday night is okay too - there is no judging going on here!

What are your favourite cocktail recipes?


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