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10 October 2015

Last Day at Home {Spain}

Tuesday was our last full day at home and I planned on doing much of what I'd been doing for the last few days: nothing.

It was bliss to be woken up by the sun streaming through your bedroom window, to hear palm trees blowing in the wind and birds chirping in the trees.

We still had our summer sheets on at home. It was warm enough to sleep with the windows open only to be offered warmth by a light throw, or a table cloth as Tom likes to call it.

Waking up this way isn't everyone's cup of tea. I know my brother & Tom would both prefer to have a blacked out bedroom so when you wake up (at noon) it still feels like the middle of the night.

I was horizontal for most of the day.

Only surfacing for food and drink.

That evening we met Jess, Vinze & Ale for a bite to eat at Mercado Ambrosia. A new joint that had opened up next to Dreamer's in Banus.

I'd never heard of it but Jess said she had been quite a few times and it was good. If Jess says it was good, you knew it would be good!
Whilst we waited for them to arrive we watched the beautiful sky turn shades of pink and orange and blue over a big glass of beer. 

Mercado Ambrosia is not your typical restaurant, it is made up of several different food stands which cook everything from meat, to burgers, to sushi, Thai and pasta. They have a dessert stand with macaroons and brownies, a tapas stand and a champagne and cocktail stand to quench your thirst.

When you are ready, you go in and browse the food stalls. Place your order at the counter and they will bring it out to you.

Being the meat eaters that we are, we settled on steak and there were so many to choose from! The staff were very helpful in recommending the best steaks to suit our requirements. They weighed it, cooked it and brought it to your table and let me tell you, it was mouth-wateringly good, albeit, a tad on the small side. Maybe I should have sized my steak up a little bit more.

No worries there, though, as we still had room for dessert!

My food was really yummy but I don't feel we got the full Ambrosia experience and we just stuck to the meat counter. I will definitely be back


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