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2 October 2015

Cymru am Byth!

I am ridiculously proud to be Welsh

I may be a mix up of cultures all rolled into one blonde, but when it comes to rugby, I support Wales.

I have been contradicted my whole life about who I am, where I am from and who I can support at World Cups, Olympics or Eurovision.

Who gives other people the right to make a judgement about how I feel?

Are they inside my body?


Are they inside my brain?


Do they know what is deep down inside my heart?


I'm proud of my half Britishness half Welshness and sprinkle of Spanish - I wouldn't have it any other way, because they make me, well me! Just because I support Wales in the rugby doesn't mean I am rejecting my English side.

I support Britain in the Olympics and Spain in football - why? I don't know, it's just the way I've been brought up!

That's the beauty of being a third culture kid - you get to choose the best parts of each culture!

I was back in Spain this weekend and I couldn't be more excited about the RWC England vs Wales match on Saturday. There would definitely be a show down at my parent's restaurant and the family banter would be flying off the walls.

Oh how the English were confident. We'd soon rub their cheesy grins from their faces.

First things first though, I had to go to Pepi's. I jumped off the plane at Malaga and raced straight into a chair at Pepi's. It has been 6 months since I've had my extensions in and it was time to go back short!

She tamed my straggly dark locks (which actually weren't in too bad condition!), conditioned them, highlighted them and gave them a good old chop ready for the harsh Winter.
To transform me back into a blonde bombshell

My hair was in surprisingly good condition, but then I did nothing to my hair for 6 months. No hair-dryers or straighteners, no products no nothing - just shampoo and conditioner. I let it air-dry wavy to the shape of the extensions.

I hardly even washed my hair. I know sounds gross no?! The longer you leave it between washes, the healthier (yes, healthier) it is. Seriously! Every time you wash your hair you also wash away natural healthy oils that hydrate your scalp and hair. Just think of how your skin gets in winter, all dry and scaly - well, same thing happens with your hair!

Dry shampoo is a dream if you haven't already discovered it.  Not only does it freshen up your hair so it looks like it's been freshly washed but it adds volume which my hair lacks so much! I even spray some on right after washing my hair to give it that extra oomph!

That evening, I was back to my old roots. Poring pints behind the bar

But this time I was actually able to sit down and enjoy a proper dinner whilst watching the game in the prime seat in the house.
 By half-time all of the English supporters in the restaurant and on social media were gloating.

The Welsh just smiled politely and nodded their heads. I don't think any Welsh supporter thought Wales were going to pull it out of the bag with 8 players down.

8 KEY players, including Halfpenny.

I'm ashamed to say I had no faith and I soon ate my words.

So did all the English.

I will let the following picture say the rest...

Needn't say more.

Who are you supporting in the World Cup?


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