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8 October 2015

Banus at Sunset

When I'm at home, I am guilty of not venturing outside the vicinity of our family home.

I have a pool, the sun and a sun lounger with my name on it.

My family monopolises my attention (which I love!) and it's hard to get me outside of Calahonda.

After all, I come home to relax, unwind and forget about the outside world.

Once in a while, I get out just to stare wide-eyed and open-mouthed at sunsets like these...


I often forget how stunning the landscape of Malaga is. 

The beautiful sunset in Puerto Banus lights up the sky like a rainbow and the dusty backdrop of the beach gives the place an ethereal feel to it. 

September is the best month to visit. The craziness of the Summer has floated away and all that are left are locals recovering from the harsh temperatures of July & August. 

[Flight are also cheaper!]

Couples flood the beaches, bars and restaurants and there is romance in the air. 

Puerto Banus has changed over the years and locals tend to avoid it like the plague in the Summer.

Once a classy playground for the exclusive guests and the rich and famous, it has now been tainted by stag and hen does parading down the streets half-naked as if it's Malia or Magaluf. 

The front-line restaurants are manned by desperate maître-d begging visitors to try their average cuisine at expensive prices. 

It's a shame to see a place deteriorate and how drastically the clientèle has changed. Restaurants, bars and nightclubs open up for a few months only to be replaced a few months later, continuously recycling names, venues and concepts. 

Astrals is one of the few spots I do like to visit in Banus and remains my favourite cocktail bar the world over. Nestled beach-side at the beginning of the port it has managed to become a staple in Banus and a must-visit place. 

It's a cocktail bar where all of their fruity cocktails are made with actual real fruit. None of this watered-down processed sugary supplements other establishments get away with. 

Each cocktail is carefully crafted on the premises by trained waiters with fresh local seasonal fruit. 

Yummy & healthy.

I was getting my 5 a day whilst catching up with Jess & Vinze who joined us that evening. 

We drank and chatted well into the evening, until the veil stars drowned the sky above us. 

Do excuse my eyes. I was having an allergy attack. My eyeballs felt like they were on fire and I ended up at the doctor's the following morning not being able to open my eyes in the light.

It was bad!

All I can say is if you wear contact lenses, look after them! You eyes are sensitive and precious.


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