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14 October 2015

Ascot Autumn Races

We landed back in England early in the morning and there was no time to rest.

I was a zombie at work that day, surviving only on a few hours sleep.

Nikki arrived that evening and my body almost forgot about the tiredness. We hadn't seen each other in over 3 years when she let me crash at hers in Montreal for almost a week during my North American road trip, so I was more than happy to return the favour.

On Saturday morning everyone was up far too early for a Saturday. Showers could be heard being switched on, there were shoes and dresses flying everywhere as we all  I scrambled to get ready.

We were off to the races!

At 10am sharp we all met in Winchester and boarded the not-so-posh coach that would take our party to Ascot. Drinks were served on board, so it wasn't all that bad. We played a game of balance on the coach trying to pour [and not spill any] beer and champagne over anyone's frock whilst we weaved in and out of traffic.

We arrived in Ascot without any major spills or accidents. The large crowds hadn't arrived yet. The grounds were idyllic & silent which only heightened the grandeur of the premises. Every flowerbed, piece of grass, statue and flag had been carefully placed and was immaculately kept.

Ascot is a staple tradition in Britain and I couldn't be more excited to be sharing it with my Canadian counterpart. It was her last day and what is more British than going to Ascot?

I'd been invited by Tom's parents who were hosting a day at the races for their friends and work partners and they were kind enough to offer me another ticket for Nikki. 

Don't be confused with Royal Ascot, celebrated in June, which is a star-studded event topped with a visit from Queenie herself. Dress code is strict and it usually marks the start of the Summer calendar. 
The Autumn Races are a little more relaxed and calmer. Held at the start of October, the temperatures are a little cooler and the sky is a little darker but that doesn't stop guests dressing up to the nines. 
It's a perfect excuse for a new frock and heels, and when else can you wear a fascinator on top of your head without getting funny looks?
Speaking of dresses... 

I couldn't be happier with my little red number. There is nothing sexier than wearing a bodycon dress, but usually these accentuate every little inch of my body I despise. This little red dress is made out of soft stretchy material so it's comfortable but it also pulls you in and hugs all the right places. The cute little peplum sides hides unwanted muffin top and gives you that hour glass feminine figure. 

Add a cheeky boob-slit (which makes your boobs look great!) and you have the perfect Little Red Dress which is conservative and sexy all rolled into one.

Who cares about LBD? I have swapped mine for a LRD. 

This is the Ella from Amy Child's collection, but unfortunately it's sold out. Her new Molly dress is very similar and you can find it here

I have also found you a couple of similar options for you: here, here, here and here.

We mused through our programs to see what we were to expect on the day, but mainly I was interested in what was being served for lunch.

Nikki's dress is star find from ASOS. I made her use my ASOS Premier account so she could get next day delivery on her dress. It arrived the day before and luckily was a perfect fit! Don't you agree?

The crowds didn't start arriving until about midday. By then, we were already on our second  fifth glass of bubbly.

Lunch was succulent chicken with fondant potatoes, served in our box overlooking the race course. But I'm afraid we were so hungry we devoured it before I could take any photos. 

Being in a box at Ascot is very much like flying 1st class across the Atlantic, I think. You have private waiters on hand serving you all day. I never saw an empty glass in someone's hand, they were constantly refiling them, and your dirty plate disappeared almost before you'd finished eating. 

They made you feel like royalty. 

You could eat and drink without missing any of the action on the race track. 

The races went on all afternoon and we had prime view. 

A couple of the finishes were a close call and thankfully no horses were injured!

Just when you were getting a little peckish towards the end of the afternoon, they  served cheese & biscuits.
I can't say I became a millionaire this time.

I placed two bets on two different races and lost on both occasions. That was the end of my betting career. It's nice to participate and I am sure lots of money was won by some, but gambling isn't for me. I am too precious about my pennies.

The whole day was a wonderful British experience.
Thanks Mandy & Keith for the invite! 


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