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27 September 2015

Wellies & Doggies

There is something you should know about pugs.

They are sneaky.

If you happen to come across what looks like a loaf of bread with legs running through a field then you´ve found one of our furry little flat-nosed friends.

Be prepared to have the best time ever! You can create havoc, run riot and splash around in the pond with these fun fellas - just don´t try to play fetch.

Pugs are too small to pick up tennis balls.

Fetch is reserved for Monty 

The King of fetch

The emperor of the ball

He is the friendliest most well-behaved BIG dog I have ever met. 

I´ve always been slightly afraid of BIG dogs - the fact their mouth and teeth are bigger than mine and they could probably out-run me in a race always terrified me. I´d also had a close childhood friend who was seriously attacked by two Rottweilers and made me wary of any BIG dogs.

Until I met Monty 

You can absolutely not be afraid of Monty, he won´t let you. He will greet you with a sweet and not too in your face nuzzle and just ask for you to play ball with him

He sometimes thinks he is a small dog and will jump on your bed for a snuggle

And I can´t even begin to explain how clever and well-mannered he is. I have never met a more polite dog!

The puggies watch Monty chase the ball again and again and again until he is in a dizzy haze.

But they prefer a casual stroll.

None of this running malarkey. "We are puggies don´t you know? Made to sit on royal laps, not chase after filthy balls"

We found a shaded spot under some trees
 I thought a perfect place to chill and relax

But nope! Miss puggy Lii Lii had other ideas. She'd spotted the biggest watering hole she´d ever seen!
She sprinted as fast as I´d ever seen a pug run and dove straight in, head first

Whatever you heard about pugs not liking water, it´s all false. 

Here you will find photographic evidence of pugs in water and loving life!
Lii Lii´s favourite past time is wrestling with pondweed.

Lii Lii always wins. 

Miss Lii Lii also loves the camera.

"Oh, are you looking at me?"
"Oh stop it. You know I get camera shy..."

"Are you still looking at me? Make sure to get my good side please!"

"And meeeeee!" pipes in Mii Mii
"Did you get it? Look I´m giving you my sultry walking away pose - make sure you capture it!"

"What about me?" said Mii Mii. She felt left out and stormed off to the back of the pond in a huff and would not come out

So Lii Lii and I had to perform a puggy rescue
Mii Mii definitely owes us one

We were sufficiently muddy and wet to call it day. 

The clouds were rolling in and it was time to go in. 
But the puggies spotted one more photo opportunity...

"Right can we get the girl out of the shot please?! She is running our golden moment!"

The puggies kicked me off and carried on their photo shoot without me.

"Cute & cuddly - don´t forget, cute & cuddly guys"

"That´s the shot right here!"

"She has to ruin it doesn´t she?"

"Where is my agent?"

Before we left, we had one more treat installed for the puggies. 


This is where puggies will make you believe you are torturing them with warm water and soap
They will make you believe pugs are not natural water-lovers, they are allergic to water, water is like cats to them!


"Save us!"


But I was having none of it! 

We just spent an hour frolicking in the pond, there is no way you can fool me now sneaaaaaaky puggies!

They will stay mad at you for a while but soon they will be running back into your lap for snuggles.


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