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7 September 2015

Skinny Mocha Frapuccino

Iced Coffees are one of my many obsessions.

No matter if it's Summer or Winter, I will order one, make one or buy one pre-made.

But I recently found out iced coffees also come with a latte calories - bet you didn't know that did you?

This recipe is dairy and sugar free - and it's even good for you!

I don't usually think of the calories in drinks (except fizzy drinks - yuck! Hate them - feels like I'm eating sugar), especially not the ones in iced coffee!

Until one day my boss made a passing comment - "Uh I would rather eat a chocolate bar than sip an iced coffee for that amount of calories"

What is she talking about...

When I looked at the back of the packet I was shocked!  Do you know how many calories are in processed iced coffees?

Too many to count!

So I've started making my own...

Here's what you'll need for this dairy and sugar free recipe (if you don't count the cream and chocolate!)

* 1 shot of espresso

* Ice

* Chocolate Soya Milk (new favourite find)

* Agave Nectar - (natural sugar syrup)

* Squirty Cream (optional)

*Chocolate syrup (optional)

First you will need to invest in a good blender. One that is specifically designed for crushing ice. Through the years I've bought blenders based on the price, but 9 times out of 10 whenever I tried to make ice blended cocktails, frozen Margaritas a particular favourite, the blender would burn out!

It's definitely worth investing a few extra pennies in a good blender. I found this pink one from Breville on Tesco Direct and it even has a ice crushing setting - win!

First we need to make your coffee. If you are a bit of a coffee snob, then ask your machine for an espresso - but this recipe also works with instant too!

An espresso is key to any iced coffee. Little water and lots of coffee, as you don't want the ice to melt and make your  iced coffee too watery.

Then stir in some Agave nectar, as much or as little as you want! Depends how sweet you love your iced coffees.

*Interesting Fact*

Did you know Agave Nectar is made from the same plant as that is used to make Tequila (no wonder I liked it so much!) and is natural alternative to sugar. I prefer it to honey as it tastes more like sugar than a supplement.

Now let your espresso cool down. If you add your hot coffee to your ice it will all melt straight away.

Put it in the fridge for half hour or pop it in the freezer for fifteen. If you are really pro-active you can make your coffee and put it in the fridge the night before and make a takeaway frappuccino to go to work with!

After it's cool, put some ice in your blender.


Add Chocolate Soya Milk, which contains Epicatechin that helps to reduce the risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

See? Told you this Skinny Mocha Frapuccino was good for you!

Then blend.

And serve!
If you're feeling really naughty.... top with squirty cream and drizzle with chocolate syrup!

Ta dah!!

If you try this at home please let me know how it turns out and would love to see your pictures!


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