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22 September 2015

Over the Knees & Cauliflower Cheese

My feet and legs are always the first thing to get cold in the Winter. 

I wear 4 layers of socks under my boots to keep them cocooned like little pigs in blankets trying to squeeze out as much warmth as possible but my little toes never seem to warm up!

It's that awkward time of year in between seasons. It's not quite cold enough to bring my Winter coat out of hibernation, to have the heating on full blast and sleep in my onesie but my toes are telling me the cold is coming!

My bottom half is screaming Winter and my top half is trying to hold on to the last few dregs of Summer. 

So it's the perfect time to d├ębut my new boots.

Which I am head over heels in love with if you didn't already gather from my previous post...

Over the Knee boots are in.

They lengthen your legs and provide an extra layer of padding to keep your pins extra warm!

Practical and fashionable.
We walked through Winchester admiring the pretty architecture and buildings under the late evening sky before trotting off to dinner
[The boots are from ASOS by the way - you can find them here. Better be quick! Cause they are getting snapped up super fast!]

Keeping it local and easy we opted for the Portehouse in Winchester.

It's my FAVOURITE steakhouse and we are more than just frequent visitors!

I don't care much for their starters or desserts, I haven't even tried their a la Carte Menu but their steaks are juicy and they make me happy.

I always read the menu to see if something else might take my fancy, but nope. I am a woman of habit when it comes to my steak so why would I change something so good?

So whilst everyone munched on some garlic bread and decided what to eat...I just nattered away...
Mostly to myself...

Until this shut me up
I believe we were all pretty hungry, if I'm not mis-steak-en, as a hush hush quietened over the table and all you could hear was the clatter of knives and forks of people tucking into their mains. 

The Portehouse in Winchester always delivers. 

Their steaks don't just meat our expectations, they exceed them!

And nobody does Cauliflower Cheese cheddar than them...

Okay sorry, I'll stop with all the puns!

Maybe just one more?

What music does cheese listen to?

R & Brie


  1. This outfit is amazing! I love the boots, would love to get some for myself but feel I'm a bit too chunky to pull them off haha.
    Cat | Percy & Prunella

    1. That's exactly what I thought when I opened the box - I was worried they would cut into my legs and I'd have a muffin top at the top of my thighs, but they are soft material and slightly elasticated and somehow fit like a glove! ASOS do FREE returns so if you are not happy with them you have enough time to send them back!

  2. Oh god, I'm the same when it comes to the cold! You really look amazing in this outfit as well, perfect for warmth I imagine! The food in these pictures looks delicious as well - really great photos :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. Thanks Samantha! Really appreciate the comments :) xoxo

  3. I just came across your blog and it's so cheerful and upbeat!

    I too am on the hunt for over the knee boots. All the ASOS ones I liked were out of stock in my size...

    I look forward to reading more posts :-)

  4. Yes you need to keep checking ASOS - or sign up to their email alerts! They keep brining new ones out and usually they have a 20% discount on the new season, but only for a couple of days!
    Thanks for your comment it's so sweet :)