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16 September 2015

Key To My Heart

I have been lusting over these over the knee boots for the last two years.

They have made an appearance on every top fashion blog, celebrity and magazine over the past year and now that Autumn is upon us they are creeping back into my life.

I just need to have a pair.

It's become a very stalkerish relationship with me and the Lowlands (flats) & the Highlands (heeled). I ogle at them through a screen, dribble down my chin, dead to the world, I dream about them, fantasise over them and day dream about what outfits I could wear them with - I only have eyes for them!

Finding the perfect pair of winter boots is a toughie. It's the only thing I wear during the Winter so I want to make sure they are comfortable, reliable and fashionable!

These just look perfect. 

I kept seeing them everywhere... After my best MI5 investigation skills, it took me a whole 5 minutes to track down where they came from - luckily the Daily Mail are more stalkerish than me!

Stuart Weitzman, you whore!

You've created the most beautiful and sought after pair of over the knee boots with a price tag that could feed an entire family of 10, for a week!

Damn it.

Weitzman is an American designer who has received world-wide acclaim for his collection of beautiful footwear.

I still can't justify spending a small fortune on your shoes.Why are you so expensive Stuart? Why?!

I wallowed for days, feeling sorry for myself.  Eating ice cream and watching sad movies, just as if Stuart Weitzman had broken my heart, torn it up into little tiny pieces and then stomped on it.

Then Asos came along and took me by the hand and told me everything was going to be okay. They gave me some TLC and made me smile again with Sales and New clothes and Rewards.

Although my broken heart could not be mended, it was feeling a lot better.


Can you even tell the difference??

I held off buying the Key To My Heart boots, as I frantically searched the internet to find a Weitzman sale but don't do that!!

The grey pair of Key To My Heart boots has already sold out in my size!

As soon as I found out I rushed to my ASOS app, entered my details and ordered a black pair. I get them Next Day Delivery as I'm on Prime :) (it's only £9.95 for a years subscription and totally worth it!).

Winter boots sorted.

I am still holding out to find a bargain on a pair of black Lowlands though. I'll keep you posted!


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