September 2015 ~ The Blonde B

27 September 2015

Wellies & Doggies

There is something you should know about pugs.

They are sneaky.

25 September 2015

Blondie B Brownies

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Blondes have more fun.

This also applies to brownies.

I'm all down for normal regular gooey chocolate-y brownies, but Blondie brownies are goeey and chewy and oh-so-satisfying and have the texture of brownies without the over-indulgence and richness of chocolate-y ones.

These are a magical experiment that turned out so much better than expected!

22 September 2015

Over the Knees & Cauliflower Cheese

My feet and legs are always the first thing to get cold in the Winter. 

I wear 4 layers of socks under my boots to keep them cocooned like little pigs in blankets trying to squeeze out as much warmth as possible but my little toes never seem to warm up!

It's that awkward time of year in between seasons. It's not quite cold enough to bring my Winter coat out of hibernation, to have the heating on full blast and sleep in my onesie but my toes are telling me the cold is coming!

My bottom half is screaming Winter and my top half is trying to hold on to the last few dregs of Summer. 

So it's the perfect time to d├ębut my new boots.

16 September 2015

Key To My Heart

I have been lusting over these over the knee boots for the last two years.

7 September 2015

Skinny Mocha Frapuccino

Iced Coffees are one of my many obsessions.

No matter if it's Summer or Winter, I will order one, make one or buy one pre-made.

But I recently found out iced coffees also come with a latte calories - bet you didn't know that did you?

This recipe is dairy and sugar free - and it's even good for you!

1 September 2015

Blog Make-Over

It's time for a make-over.

A digital one, that is.

I sent my blog into the hot digital oven and came out with a delightful bake with even layers, crisp images and delightfully bright colour arrangement.