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18 August 2015

My Blog has been Broken!


I have been off radar for a little while (unless you follow my Instagram, in which case I am sorry for the overload of photos!) but not through choice of my own.

You see my blog broke. Like completely down, couldn't post anything, freaking-out, it wouldn't work, I broke it.I thought I'd seriously broken it. Somehow managed to block post from posting!

I frantically tried to find solutions to what was wrong. I had no idea! I trawled the internet for a diagnosis, I considered switching to Word Press (which was a lot more complicated than I was expecting) and kept asking and asking and asking why my posts wouldn't post in the Blogger Help Forum - which is useless by the way.

So unhelpful! I had a couple of guys reply, saying that I should see if my web browser was too old and I should probably upgrade or try a different browser - eehhh duh! Don't you think I tried that?

I tried so hard to talk to someone from Blogger but there was nobody I could contact! How ridiculous is that? I felt so helpless and alone.

Then today I had a light bulb moment.

I had been messing around with the HTML and installing all different widgets to make my online diary a little more exciting which was a big mistake!

I'd installed a widget on my Home Page called...

"How To Show Only Snippet/Description With Thumbnails"

It seems that was what was blocking my content. So a quick self-help bloggers guide, removed a couple of widgets et voila! It works! Hey presto I'm a genius! (Not actually a genius! More like a stupid blonde for messing about with the coding!).

From now on I am going to look for expert help before playing around with coding.

ORRR Blogger should get better help pages!

Have any of you guys had any serious problems using Blogger? What were they? I'd love to hear them to avoid making any other serious mistakes in the future!


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