Home Sweet Home ~ The Blonde B

27 August 2015

Home Sweet Home

Guess where I am?

I'm snuggled up in my brand new house with a good mature glass of red!

The boy and I moved in last weekend and we've still got so much more unpacking and furniture-building to do, but it's slowly coming together.

The kitchen is the only room in the house that's totally unpacked (the most important room if we are going to whip up delicious bouts of yummy food!). We built our brand new Swedish bed from scratch and it's completely satisfying spreading out on it at the end of a long day knowing we built it with our own hands!

We've gotten pretty darn good at building IKEA furniture. It's like Lego for adults! I'm addicted!

We only found the place a month ago in Chineham, the cutest village north of Basingstoke, and I immediately fell in love. It has been completely refurbished which has made me into a complete clean-freak! We have now become a no shoes on the carpet household. It has hard wooden flooring, freshly painted walls, a walk-in-wardrobe for all my clothes and shoes, plenty of parking and we are a stone-throw away from the King's Arms - Chineham's watering hole which we have yet to try out.

I'm overwhelmed by the support from our family who even provided us with my new coffee machine! I have been dying to own my very own coffee machine and now I am adult enough to do so. No more serving instant to guests, now you can choose from coffee, hot chocolate, hot teas at the click of a button!

This is the first time I'm living alone with a boy and I feel very grown up. It's been a hectic few months since moving to the UK trying to figure out the best place to live, juggling a job with a relationship, travelling, friends and commuting. I've been a total recluse (I'm surprised my friends haven't completely disowned me!), panicking about which road to take and what to do with myself but finally I am beginning to relax and feel settled in our new little home.

I'm  excited to start the next chapter in my life :)


  1. Ay Char!!! Muchas felicidades!!!!! Por las fotos parece preciosa!!!! Aún recuerdo esas conversaciones en clase sobre el amoooor!!! Me alegro mucho de que todo te vaya tan bien!!!! ❤