August 2015 ~ The Blonde B

27 August 2015

Home Sweet Home

Guess where I am?

I'm snuggled up in my brand new house with a good mature glass of red!

21 August 2015

Just Be Yourself, Be Happy

My life has been hectic the last few months and I really haven't been feeling myself.

Commuting from Winchester to Marlow everyday has been really getting me down and I didn't feel myself. I haven't felt like I was properly living. 

My life was drive, work, drive, work, drive, work, drive...

Although I love my job, there are a million other things I love doing too! 

Full-time Job + Commuting + Social Life = Not a lot of Time for Anything else!

(P.S: Don't you just love this photo by Aaron Courter?!)

18 August 2015

My Blog has been Broken!


I have been off radar for a little while (unless you follow my Instagram, in which case I am sorry for the overload of photos!) but not through choice of my own.

You see my blog broke. Like completely down, couldn't post anything, freaking-out, it wouldn't work, I broke it.I thought I'd seriously broken it. Somehow managed to block post from posting!

I frantically tried to find solutions to what was wrong. I had no idea! I trawled the internet for a diagnosis, I considered switching to Word Press (which was a lot more complicated than I was expecting) and kept asking and asking and asking why my posts wouldn't post in the Blogger Help Forum - which is useless by the way.

So unhelpful! I had a couple of guys reply, saying that I should see if my web browser was too old and I should probably upgrade or try a different browser - eehhh duh! Don't you think I tried that?

I tried so hard to talk to someone from Blogger but there was nobody I could contact! How ridiculous is that? I felt so helpless and alone.

Then today I had a light bulb moment.