My First Valentine ~ The Blonde B

21 February 2015

My First Valentine

Around this time last week I was lucky enough to have the very perfect Valentine's day with someone I care very much about. 

So what do you need for a perfect Valentine's?

Some good red wine


A red rose


 A handsome young chap to share it with

Check Check Check.

I started the morning being overwhelmed by flowers and presents. 

A cooked breakfast fit for a King (or a princess!) and lots of love and hugs and kisses. 

I've never been a girl against Valentine's day. Usually you get the bitter single girls who loathe Valentines because they are single. 

I've always embraced it. It's always been a day to share the love with friends, family or someone

I was just fortunate enough to share the love as it should be this year. 

That evening, my surprise dinner was at our favourite Thai. 

And we went ALL OUT

Food galore

Dim Sum
Deep fried crab 

Duck Spring Rolls 

Fried Calamari 

And then it was straight on to mains

Tom Gha - Fried Duck with Cashew Nuts and Pak Choy
I had to have Thai Green Curry

Special Thai is THE best place to get a Thai Green Curry

I've had tried many but none compare to this one. 

Somehow they manage to get the chicken delicious and moist enough and the curry sauce is spicy but well balanced with the other aromatic flavours. 

Another must for Valentines?

Dessert for two.

To share.

Bit sickly right?

It's Valentines! C'mon lighten up! 

When can you be all cute and soppy and romantic, if not on Valentines?


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