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3 February 2015

Last Day in Punta Cana

Our last day was mostly spent at the beach.

It was so hot we kept running in to the sea to cool our sweaty bodies off, but even then you didn't feel cool!

The sea was so warm it was like a hot tub!


The sea here is just so warm and clear and turquoise. 

I dip in and instantly feel like a mermaid. Flapping my fin about rushing through the water swimming passed all the fish, okay there were no Tropical fish really but a girl can imagine.

Down by the sea is also the best place to get that bronzed tan.

Always use protection though!

You don't want to end up looking like a bright red lobster and it's super important to protect your skin from those pesky UV rays that cause skin cancer.

I also don't want to end up looking like shrivelled prune by the time I'm 30!
I had some friends come join my play time

But the waves were pretty rough

Mummy was here too!

Until a wave toppled me over and everyone just stood there laughing
Only my Daddy loves me

Maybe not?

I was sad it was getting to the end of our holiday all together.

I was even more sad when I realized my family had two more days in paradise whilst Tom and I had to brace the harsh coldness back in Winchester.

My boyfriend or a Ralph Lauren model?

Definitely the latter

Our last evening was spent in the fish restaurant and I was an eager beaver to get stuck in.

I'd seen the menu on day 1 of our arrival and I'd been dreaming of this dinner for the entire holiday.

I'd also heard it was the most popular restaurant in the resort.

Maybe because it had lobster surf and turf on the menu?

That might have something to do with it...

After a seafood buffet starter our steak and lobster arrived! 

Need I say more?

Pat ordered the White Snapper which looked equally impressive

All this holiday I had been good. I had indulged in everything I liked, but always in moderation. 

I had to end the holiday with something I'd been wanting since lunchtime on day 1. 

Something that my brother and Tom practically survived on and made my mouth water every time they sat down to eat it. 

A big fat juicy burger with eggs, bacon, cheese and guacamole. 

I call it the beast burger

It wasn't long after we had to leave this beautiful paradise behind. Jump back on a plane and arrive in the cold cold UK weather.

That was something I wasn't looking forward to.

I'm going to miss this place. All the fun, all the laughs and all the good good memories. We have been really lazy not to venture out of the hotel because we have done it all before and I think we all needed a super relaxing beach holiday of doing nothing.

There is much to see outside our resort. The country has changed immensely over the last 5 years, but when it's cold back home and you have limited time on the beach all I wanna do is soak up as much sun, sea and sand as I can. 

I'm going to miss you Punta Cana!



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