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16 February 2015

Isle of Wight

I'm causing mischief in the Isle of Wight today

Nothing too crazy though.

I'm still a goody two-shoes at heart!

It all started way back in the Summer when I flew in to Southampton and saw the big white cliffs that have been famous in England since like forever?

You know the ones I mean? 

The ones always printed on postcards.
Jogged your memory yet?

Great. Glad we're on the same wave length

Well I was informed these cliffs were actually the Isle of Wight! 

So much for my Geography degree...

It might have taken him 6 months to take me, but eventually we got there.  

We drove to Southampton Docks and took the 50 minute ride on the Red Funnel ferry to the small island. 

When we got there we drove to the other side of the island for lunch with a bit of a view.

Fish and Chips was on the menu. How could it not be?
We were lunching at (the very empty) Pearl Factory. It was January, so you can't blame the Isle of Wight for being dead.

The Pearl Factory is THE place on the island to get beautiful pearl jewellery apparently. 

Can't say pearls take my fancy though!

So we just had a little play by the cliffs.

Not too close to the edge though - see? Good girl, not dangerous.

After filling our little boots with yummy grub we were on the road again.
We stopped at a little further down at a cove to get a better view of the cliffs.

Granted it was a little bit cold, but we were at the seaside and ice cream is a must

We took our 99p £2.50 Mr Whippy's down to the beach where it was a hell of a lot warmer...

Tom's just cold from the ice cream. Definitely not the high-speed winds and freezing temperatures. 

Oh and the fact he didn't bring a coat.

Yes, definitely the cold ice cream.

It all got a bit too much for us both.

We retreated to the car and hid in there with the heating on full blast finishing off our ice creams. 

When we regained feeling in our fingers and our toes we got back on the road again.

Chasing the cliffs

Tom drove me to the Needles.

No, it's not a knitting shop or a sewing club. 

He told me to imagine it in the summer. 

A little fun fairground full of tourists, children and family slurping at their slush puppies with sticky fingers from cotton candy and waiting in line to go play on the rides. 

Seagulls flying up above searching out the infant to steal their distracted ice cream. 

Full of noise, happiness and laughter with a taste of salt water in the air. 

Today it was empty. 

Literally dead. 





Sooo..... we decided to play behind the fences

Which just so happened to have the best views of the cliffs...
 We played daringly close to the edge

 Which made it all the more fun!

And romantic (uuuuuuh)


Before our final farewell, we so graciously retreated back behind the fence we oh so slightly might have trespassed on

It was a lot more unglamorous than it sounds

Rebel, rebel rebel

 The tricky bit was trying not to fall in the big muddy puddle on the other side!
 The Needels were still dead




Tom had one more place to show me before we headed back to the docks to catch our ferry home:

The Garlic Farm

They are THE UK's specialist garlic growers.

They supply farmers all over Europe and they are based here in the Isle of Wight!

Here on the little tiny island of Wight they produce the most specialised types of garlic you have ever seen or heard of along with the weirdest types of food with garlic.

They also have a few friendly beautiful friends...

Once we got on the other side of the water, our tummies were rumbling so we headed straight to our favourite Thai in Hampshire to order a take way and munch on it at home snuggled up in the warmth.  

I loved the Isle of Wight but maybe, just maybe, we should go there in the warmer months just to get the full Wight experience?!

Have you ever been to the Isle of Wight? Got any fun stories to share or cool places to see?


  1. Too cold for me there,but very interesting.