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25 January 2015

La Coupole

After lunch we were a little more civilised. 

We left Jobro playing volleyball with this new new friends

Whilst we went for a little wander to the Iberostar hotel next door

The Iberostar has 4 hotels in Punta Cana: the Dominicana, the Punta Cana, the Bavaro and the Gran Bavaro,which is adults only and the most luxurious of them all.

We were staying in the Iberostar Bavaro which had the privilege of using the Punta Cana and the Dominicana facilities but they weren't allowed to use ours.

After a quick cocktail and look round we decided we weren't missing anything and wandered back to the Bavaro where I would make my starring debut as a Bond girl!

All the guests gathered round the pool for the mid-afternoon crazy show. 

It involved many famous stars

Indiana Jones, Tarzan, Bruce Lee, Madonna, James Bond (of course) and a shark!

Everyone just watched me get thrown in the pool basically

Then a man saved a shark or a man ran off with the shark. 

I don't really know what happened really! It was all a bit confusing to me.

We floated over to the swim-up pool bar afterwards

I was quite excited about tonight. We were going to La Coupole the gourmet restaurant in the hotel which included, lobster, scallops and steak (my favourite!)

The restaurant was hidden on the opposite side of their beautiful ponds

And was a cut above the rest

Service started with champagne
And a mango, cheese and chocolate aperitif

Sounds disgusting but surprisingly good
Starters all sounded delicious, I wanted them all!

Admittedly I tried them all :)

 Sheaf of smoked salmon stuffed with shrimp mousse and caramelised coral coulis
I ordered the lobster salad with vegetable mikado on pheasant ragout

And oh boy I'm so glad I did! Definitely the best starter

Fine warm cream of wild asparagus soup perfumed with sherry and truffle (also a winner!)

Our main courses arrived on a silver platter - made me feel like I was having dinner with the queen!

Apart from Pat who had the grilled lamb a la Provencal with honey and crunchy leeks everybody had steak
Candied tenderloin steak tournedos in red wine with fresh marrow and creamy potato

Tender to cut and perfectly pink on the inside

One of the best steaks I've had. It just melted in your mouth just as it should be

Tom and I hadn't ordered dessert


There was some sort of apple cake dessert, I don't really remember what it was

But it was when Jonathan got presented with the Chocolate Surprise that my mouth started watering

Why didn't we order the Chocolate Surprise?

The lovely waiter saw my disappointment and brought Tom and I another Chocolate Surprise to share - winning!

The evening was so special and wonderful. The service was impeccable and you were made to feel like a queen or a king!

Really can't fault this restaurant. Iberostar you've done good!

It's been my favourite meal so far at the Iberostar Bavaro!

Daddy what do you think?


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