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31 January 2015

JoBro's 21st

This post is a little overdue but the amount of photos I took in Dominican was ridiculous! It's taken me until now to get through them all but here goes...

On the 11th January 1994 this little guy was born.

My baby little brother has been a pain in the ass ever since he was born.

But he's my pain in the ass and nobody is allowed to have a go at him except me!

Jonathan's been lucky enough to spend his birthday in the most exotic holiday destinations and this year was no exception!

Having been out the night before, we woke up the sleepy bear singing Happy Birthday with home-made musical instruments and banging on his door. 

This helps soothe sore head - obvs!

He opened his presents one at a time and  wasmost excited about all the capital he came in to now he is 21. 

Officially a man. 


I was uber excited for him to open my gift. 

I've managed to kept it a secret from my whole family for 4 months. I was practically bursting at the seems!

I knew he'd like it...
No. He loved it!

Two tickets to go see Wales vs Australia at the Rugby World Cup.

I'm his plus one obviously - that was the dealio!
Today was all about Jonathan. 

For one day only we had to do what he said and not shout at him for joking around, playing pranks and being generally annoying.

He had a refresher course for Scuba Diving

With his new Spanish buddy. 

They were best of pals now and totally in sync.

Whilst Pat and I carried on boogying!

After a day full of Jonathan the night was no different

We made our way across the big pond again because tonight we were eating at the Jambalaya restaurant. 

We were a little apprehensive about going to the speciality restaurant as it was inspired by Southern and African foods and mostly focused on rice.

Tom started the evening off by treating the brother to a good classic Spanish wine - Casillero del Diablo "The Devil's locker"

They sell this quite frequently in the UK so you might recognise it. If you're struggling for a good red wine to buy for a nice evening or a present for a friend or thank you gift definitely go for the Casillero del Diablo.

You can't go wrong.

Starter was buffet style again

Yet again I couldn't decide what I wanted...
Seafood chowder next. 

An all time favourite of mine and boy was it fishy and delicious

Mains came out and I almost immediately got food envy. 

Don't get me wrong my Jambalaya lobster and scallops was yummy
But I wanted steak. 

I always want steak.

The maitre d tip toed around the edge of the restaurant. He pressed his tall body right up against the glass and with him he concealed a very important parcel.

He hid in the corner making sure Jonathan was facing the other way and gave the signals to the other waiter to start....

Haaaaaaaaaaappy Birthday to youuuuu

Awwwwh he got all embarrassed. He hates this sort of attention but I think he secretly loves it.

Love you Jobro!

Hope you had fun!


  1. Aawww dont you just love the look of sheer embarrassment on Jonathan's face!!