Grown Ups ~ The Blonde B

24 January 2015

Grown Ups

Things escalate quickly in the Dominican Republic....
Let me start at the beginning

JoBro and Tom were roped in to a simple arm wrestling competition. 

Easy as. You get put against your opponent, whoever wins stays till the next round

 You have your customary: "What's your name and where are you from? Cual es su nombre y de donde viene?..." and so on in about 4 other languages

"Mi nombre es Jonathan y vengo de España"

*SHOCKING GASPS* from the crowd, whispers of he can't be Spanish with those pale features!
So the boys got on with their wrestle
But what the entertainers hadn't mentioned was the big merengue pie they were hiding from the crowd...
 I mean HUGE
The arm wrestle was still going on and it was a close match! The guys were there for some time battling it out with their muscles

England vs Spain

Who's going to win? 
Oh and the winning moment comes from the British corner with a pounding defeat to Jonathan the weird looking Spanish one Burt, who claims he slipped and lost his control
Tom was pretty chuffed with that

And I was pretty chuffed with what happened next...



After he got showered off, it was only a matter of time until this happened

I got pied from both of them!

The Patricia's looked a bit too clean for my liking so I had to get them involved...

It was quite easy as they can't run away very fast

I spread the pie love to the beach and gave my parents each a pie hug. 

We got some funny looks from people nearby when we all went to wash ourselves on mass in the sea. 

I don't know what they thought it was! I did hear one guy shout "Is it a porno gone wrong?" 

Ermm I don't think so mate!

I had a nice long shower back in the room because it took me absolutely ages to wash out the now dried merengue from my hair. I basically had dried egg whites in my hair. I'm sure some pure health and beauty expert would find egg whites does wonders to your hair - I was just annoyed cause I couldn't wash it out!

That evening we had a very grown up meal in the Japanese

It started off very civilized

We even managed to make it through our sushi starter 

Until Nanna was hysterically laughing-crying because she thought she had to eat her entire meal with chopsticks

We decided to teach her how to use them

You take one of the sticks and place it in your hand like this...
Or you can pretend to be a walrus with them

Nanna: "Do we have to eat our soup with chopsticks?"

Food was rather deliciously tender. 

I went for the beef and prawn combo with stir fried veggies and it just hit the spot. 

Not sure it was entirely Japanese but it was a Dominican Japanese!

You'll be happy to know Nanna was brought a knife and fork by the waitress

Next day, at lunch, we were just as grown up about the whole eating affair as we were last night
You don't have to be well-behaved to eat lobster

He might not agree...

They certainly didn't want anything to do with us - such childish games at the dinner table

"Mummy, Charlotte you look really stupid!"
Had to admit it was pretty hard trying to eat with sunglasses inside. 

Just another day with my crazy family!