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1 January 2015

Downtown Vegas

A short cab ride away you can travel back in time to the original Vegas. 

Fremont Street. 

Back to where it all started. 

But first we had to try our hand at the Aria buffet
I was a little bit too overwhelmed with the amount of food there was to document it all... 

Except the impressive fish counter AND cute mini chocolate desserts - which looked better than what they tasted like disappointingly!

Unfortunately there weren't any taxis left to take 9 of us to downtown Vegas

Oh well! We will just have to settle for the limo instead
We were joined by superstars, Jay-Z and Beyonce, who rode at the back

And the pimp...

We arrived at Glitzy Fremont St and were almost entirely blinded by the lights!

I can see why the nickname it Glitter Gulch!

Fremont street dates back to 1905 to when Vegas was first founded and gambling was in fact illegal. 

These were the famous lights that feature in so many old movies that wanted to get a shot of the bright neon Vegas lights. That's where you might recognise the iconic Cowboy Vegas Vic and the cowgirl, the Golden Nugget, Binion's and so many more!

This would have been the Vegas Mr Elvis Presley himself would have known. 

Back in the 90's Fremont St was paved and the 1,500 feet long Viva Vision screen was erected. 

The screen is suspended 90 feet in the air, is 90 feet wide and contains 12.5 million LED that work with a 550,000 Watt sound-system to make it a truly unforgettable experience!

All the casinos on the street had to shut off power to power the humongous Viva Vision screen!


Downtown Vegas is also famous weddings...

And this funny looking structure - the Stratosphere 

Disclaimer - we didn't actually get married.

I was a little more interested in the tall skyscraper building which promised panorama views of the city
Oh did I mention it also had fun fair rides at 1000 feet in the air? 

The views were awesome - just a shame it was so cloudy and foggy.

Little did we know the cloud and fog would get worse and stay for our last three days....

The boys were adamant they were going to go on the ride and were already shitting themselves from the ground floor - except Tom, he was scared of heights in general - which meant even getting to the top floor was a miracle!
I hadn't really thought about the ride or the height - I was interested in snapping the view!

So before I knew it, I was strapped in and ready to go!
Ben was having a little bit more trouble calming down...

Especially when he no longer had floor underneath him!

It was terrifying, don't get me wrong! Especially when the ride guy told us our seats had parachutes in them - ERMMMM are you serious?!

It was also tons of FUN!

I dare all of you to try it the next time in Vegas Baby!


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