The Pirate Ship Bucket ~ The Blonde B

26 January 2015

The Pirate Ship Bucket

There was one new thing at the Iberostar which I was most exited about trying. 

The only problem is, I was about 15 years too old!

I don't know what it's proper name was but I called it the bucket. 

Next to the adult pool was this awesome pirate ship water jungle. I would go as far as saying the coolest pirate ship ever!

But you gotta keep an eye on the bucket at the top!

We were apprehensive at first
Scared almost
This was so embarrassing! Little kids spent all day playing under the bucket and three twenty-something year olds couldn't hack it!

C'mon guys! Let's get to it

Later that afternoon, on the other side of the pool side. In the adults pool JoBro joined in a swimming competition.

The Iberostar has a habit of turning every normal competitive sport into a crazy game. 

So it means that when they advertise a swimming competition what they actually mean is you have to swim, do jumping jacks, swim some more, hop around with a ball between your legs, down a glass of beer and pretend your iron man. 

Nothing the brother can't handle!

It was tiring just watching the guys do it!

Unfortunately JoBro didn't win - he was up against Mr Cross Fit on the right who bombed the entire competition. 

The parents said he was a winner in their eyes


Dinner at the Hard Rock was entertaining. 

The music was old school. Songs my parents and Pat actually knew and could sing along to - which they did at the TOP of their voices. 

Unfortunately Nanna couldn't make it tonight. She was feeling a little tired so we ordered her room service instead and left her with a film on tucked in to bed. 

 You don't have to book the Star Rock Cafe - it's first come, first served and a la carte. Basically a spin-off from the Hard Rock Cafe, if you hadn't already guessed!

Embarrassing the kids is optional, but very encouraged!

JoBro walked off twice but he came round when the waiters brought house shots over.

After a couple rounds of pool in the Star Rock Cafe we got a little bored of the old tunes. Mostly because they kept playing the same songs. 

But Pat's little feet were still tapping to the beat. So we waltzed through the lobby to find the live house band playing. 

Being the gentleman he was, JoBro asked the lovely Pat to dance and boy did they have a blast!