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22 January 2015

Coconut Cocktails

Life in the Caribbean was pretty chillaxed. 

Late mornings, wake up. Have breakfast by the sea. Zumba at 11. Frolic in the sea/pool. Lazy late afternoon lunches with seafood, salad and make-your-own burgers. 

Lounging around by the pool, by the sea, sipping cocktails in the afternoon sun. 

Everybody seemed to get in to the swing of things pretty quickly. I could get used to this way of life. Everyone, except my guy - he seemed to be struggling with the late night eating times. 

You see, he's from England - born and bred. In his house they eat dinner at 6. 6! I KNOW! So meeting for drinks at 8pm meant dinner wasn't until 9pm and he was finding it pretty hard. 

One day the Iberostar decided to have a Coconut Beach Party.

We all gathered round Mr Coco man who was cracking open fresh coconuts. 

While his trusty sidekicks (Miss batman? and Letizia?) were making them into yummy naughty alcoholic rum cocktails. 

*Rum-free for the kids*

Then Mr Coco gave us a coco tree climbing demonstration to get and get the coconuts.
Did you know palm trees produce coconuts up to 13 times a year? And although it takes a year for the coconuts to fully mature, a fully blossomed tree can produce between 60-180 coconuts in a single harvest!

That's a lot of coconuts!

Beware though, because coconuts can be highly lethal! Rumour has it around 150 people die a year from falling coconuts - that's more than people die from shark attacks!

Just remember, when you're in the Caribbean you gotta watch out for those cocos, not sharks!

Mr Coco climbed all the way to the sky!
And was joined by a couple of friends who climbed up with no harness, nothing!

Mr Coco sure does have some funny friends.

Oh well! We weren't complaining!

Nope. No complaints here!

Later that evening we had drinks at 8 and a dinner reservation at the Steakhouse. 

The Steakhouse was down by the pool 

Although it was a blistery night, the moonlight shining on the sea was beautiful. I kept getting distracted taking pictures...

I could always count on a special certain someone to wait for me during my faffing around. 

Such a gentleman!

After being showed to our table (and changing twice) we were allowed to help ourselves to the buffet starter. 

Chicken wings, tempura fish, barbecue ribs and San Jacobos, onion wings, chicken drumsticks, fried cheese.

 Fresh cold fish and meats section, fresh salad, home-made guacamole, salsa and queso. 
After stuffing our faces a little too much with the starters we looked forward to our meaty main. 

Nanna had to be different and have chicken...
But my ribeye was pretty (huge) and tasty! Ribeye is a little bit fatty, which I don't usually like, but the best people say you need that fat to make it taste good.  

My steak was okay, but I wasn't blown away. I wasn't blown away at all really.

Service was poor and food was mediocre. Where was the Iberostar we had always loved and admired for its impeccable service, amazing staff and deeelicious food? 

For dessert we had a choice between baked cheesecake or chocolate brownie. 

So we had both.  

But again, not blown away. The cheesecake was meh and the brownie was dry! You didn't even get a scoop of ice cream with it or cream.

I was terribly worried this was going to set a precedent for the rest of the holiday, especially for our new friends that had never been and to whom we'd raved so much about the Iberostar.  

To take our mind of it, JoBro dragged us to the disco...

Much to popular belief, my brother is annoying but I do like him really

It wasn't one of the best nights to be out, so we left JoBro to it
Tomorrow is another day in paradise!


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